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To file a death claim on a life insurance policy, please call the Customer Service Center at 800-888-2452. To expedite the call, please visit the claims section of our website and have the appropriate information ready when calling to file a claim. Or you can download the Life Claims Kit and mail the necessary document to the address below. American general life insurance.

Amarillo, Texas 79105-2808

1050 North Western Street

Amarillo, Texas 79106-7011

Following is a list of the types of beneficiaries who may file a claim.

Beneficiary: The Claimant’s Statement must be completed by the beneficiary; if there is more than one beneficiary, each must complete a separate statement.

Estate Beneficiary: The statement must be completed by the executor or administrator, and a certified copy of appointment must be furnished.

Minor Beneficiary: The statement is to be completed by the legally appointed guardian of the estate of the minor, and an official certificate of the guardian’s appointment must be furnished.

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Predeceased Beneficiary: When a beneficiary has predeceased the insured, a copy of the beneficiary's death certificate is to be furnished.

Class Beneficiaries: An affidavit showing the names and dates of birth of each must be submitted.

Assignee: The statement is to be completed by the assignee. If the assignment is no longer effective, a release of assignment from the assignee should be submitted. If collaterally assigned, the statement should be completed by both the beneficiary and assignee and the amount claimed by the assignee indicated on the statement.

The claims process begins when a beneficiary contacts the Customer Service Center to notify the insurance company of the intent to file a death claim. Beneficiaries must request the claimant statement, complete the form and submit it, along with the required documentation, to the Customer Service Center.

After receiving the claimant statement and required documentation, the Claims Department will process the claim. Delays in receipt of all required documentation or verifications or unusual circumstances, may cause the time to process a claim to be longer. To file a death claim on a life insurance policy, or to check the status of a claim, please call the Customer Service Center at 800-888-2452 , (Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time). To expedite the call, please have the appropriate information ready (e.g., Claim Number, Policy Number, Insured's Name).

Claims for deaths in Florida

If the insured died in Florida, we will require a long-form certified death certificate showing the cause or manner of death.

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Claims for Deaths Outside the United States

For United States citizens, a certified death certificate must be accompanied by a Report of the Death of an American Citizen Abroad issued by the U.S. Department of State

For non-United States citizens, the death certificate must be authenticated by the appropriate U.S. Consulate

Claims for Business Beneficiaries

If the beneficiary is a business, the person signing the form must be an officer or owner of the company. The company's name must be given and the title of the person signing (for example, “John Doe Auto Sales, Pat Jones, President”). A "certificate of incumbency" should accompany the claim statement.

The information on this page refers to policies issued and serviced by American General Life Insurance Company and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. In addition, policies from the following companies are serviced:

American General Assurance Company

Dental insurance

American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware

In addition to reviewing your policy or contacting the Customer Service Center for advice and guidance, you may also contact your State Insurance Department.
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