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How much life insurance might I need to protect my loved ones?

1 Mortgage related cover Life cover.

1 Mortgage related cover

Important information

For cover details, policy information and how to get a quote, click here.

The estimated premium for life insurance is a 'quick quote' based on protecting your mortgage and lifestyle on a decreasing cover, single life basis. The quote assumes you are a non-smoker, with a Repayment (Capital and Interest) mortgage and accepted on standard terms.

The actual premim you pay may differ based on your individual circumstances such as health and lifestyle, your age when you apply and whether you require cover in joint names.

Most affordable term life insurance

If you have a mortgage with multiple parts having different terms you may wish to take out more than one policy.

If you are single with no dependents, you may not have a need for life cover and may wish to look at critical illness cover instead.

The products we offer over the phone and online differ from those available in our branches. The products in branch are combined life and critical illness insurance, standalone life insurance and standalone critical illness insurance on a level, decreasing and increasing basis. These are offered on an advised basis. If you have an Interest Only mortgage and are looking for level cover, please speak to one of our branch advisers. You can arrange an appointment in a branch by calling 0800 068 6699.

Provided, administered and underwritten by Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited.

Variable life insurance

Things you need to know

This calculator is designed to provide an illustrative guide for the amount of life cover you may require.

It doesn’t provide a specific personal recommendation and shouldn’t be taken as a recommendation or advice.

The results are based on the information you’ve provided. It’s an illustration only of the amount of life cover you may need and not how long you need it for or the type of cover required. The actual amount of cover will depend on your individual circumstances because it doesn’t cover all scenarios or eventualities.

It’s important to remember there’s no cash-in value at any time and the amount won’t account for the effects of inflation. If you cancel your plan and stop paying your premium, your cover will end and you'll receive no money back.

Buy life insurance online now

At Santander we offer life insurance, critical illness insurance and life & critical illness insurance from Aviva to protect your mortgage and family. For more information on critical illness insurance, please contact us.
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