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We offer two types of Life Insurance

As the name suggests, Level Term cover provides a level amount of protection over the term of the policy. If you selected £100,000 of protection at the start of the policy for 25 years, you would be covered for this amount until the policy ended 25 years later. Life cover.

Decreasing Term could provide you with the cover amount you need right now, then gradually decreases as the policy ages. If you select £100,000 of protection at the start of the policy for 25 years, gradually this will reduce down to £0 by the end of the policy 25 years later.

You can also choose to add Critical Illness Cover to your Life Insurance. If you choose to add Critical Illness to your policy the sum assured is a fixed amount which won’t decrease over time. We only cover the critical illnesses we define in our policy.

No one likes to think about someone they love having to make a life insurance claim, but by choosing Virgin Money, you can count on us to care about your family and friends and help them should they need to make a claim.

Term insurance plans

Simple, affordable life cover from £6 per month.*

No GP report needed when you apply.

Free 'Loved ones' email service to help those closest to you make a claim (only available when you sign up to use online service).

20 year term life insurance quote

Free Standard Will writing service.

Free Trust tool, to help you put your policy in Trust.

Quote to win - Simply complete a life insurance quote online and you'll get the chance to win fantastic Virgin prizes in our Great Insurance Giveaway.

Online life

Enjoy Virgin Group discounts

Save 30% plus free sparkling wine
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