Individual insurance. Accident insurance: all-round protection for your employees

Mandatory accident insurance (UVG)

This insurance fulfills the statutory prescribed personal insurance coverage for occupational accidents, for accidents on the way to and from work, and for occupational diseases. From 8 working hours per week, accidents during leisure time (non-occupational accidents, NOA) are also insured. For company owners and self-employed persons there is no insurance obligation. You may, however, take out mandatory accident insurance on a voluntary basis. Accident insurance.

Benefits apply up to the maximum amount defined by law:

Care benefits and medical treatment in the general ward. Benefits abroad are limited.

Daily benefits of 80% of insured earnings from day 3, corresponding to the level of incapacity for work

Disability pension of 80% of insured earnings

Surviving dependants' pensions totaling a maximum of 70% of insured earnings, with AHV/ IV pension combined maximum of 90% of insured earnings

Impairment compensation if permanent physical or mental impairment

Helplessness allowance if permanent need for assistance or supervision

Accident insurance supplementary to UVG coverage (UVGZ)

This insurance is supplementary to the statutory benefits of mandatory accident insurance and offers you a needs-based, customized benefits package.

Credit insurance

The daily benefits, the disability and surviving dependants' pensions for the salary portions that exceed the maximum mandatory amounts

Daily benefits for days 1 and 2 and for relapses or sequelae from earlier accidents

Choice of options for employer's obligation to continue salary payments

Bridging lump sum in case of disability or death

Life partner's pension of 40% of the total salary

Additional costs for care benefits in a private or semi-private ward

Costs of household help and complementary medicine

Coverage of exclusions and reductions of mandatory accident insurance

Life insurers

Accident Card for accidents abroad

Persons involved in an accident abroad often receive medical treatment only if they can prove that an insurer will cover the costs. With a commitment to provide coverage, the accident insurer assures the hospital that it will cover the basic costs of the treatment.

The Accident Card ensures quick and efficient help in case of an emergency. It includes the phone numbers +41 800 809 809 and +41 52 218 95 95, with which you can access the following services:

A reliable contact person in case of an accident abroad, available round the clock

An immediate commitment to provide basic coverage in emergencies involving accidents abroad

We recommend that you always have the card with you when traveling abroad. It is not needed in Switzerland. Please order the cards for your employees via your advisor or insurance broker.

Support and frequently asked questions

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Individual life quotes

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