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Life insurance can help you plan for retirement, provide death benefits for your dependents, and even manage your tax legacy or plan your charitable giving. However, the journey from deciding you want life insurance to actually choosing the right type and right amount can be a long one. Do you want term life, whole life or universal life insurance? Do you want a return on your premium for you retirement years, or are you just concerned about preventing your end of life costs from burdening your family? Life insurance quotes online.

Because there are so many questions, and so many options with regard to life insurance, it is important to consult an insurance professional. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network who specializes in life insurance can help you compare life insurance quotes from several insurance carriers and choose the best option for you. Contact a local member agent today to get started.

Tips for Getting the Best Life Insurance Quotes

Work with an experienced life insurance agent

Discuss whether a term policy or a permanent policy best meets your needs

Analyze your family’s living expenses, including debt obligation

Subtract the value of investments and savings

Select the amount of life insurance coverage needed

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What Is Needed for Accurate Life Insurance Quotes?

Although you can get life insurance quotes online, it may help you to have an individual to go to who knows you and fully understands your needs. In fact, a recent survey showed that consumers want a dedicated person to help them navigate the complex world of insurance. With life insurance, in particular, an agent can be very helpful as you navigate the many choices and details.

Your agent will need a range of information about you in order to gather several comparative quotes. For example, you will likely need to provide information and or documents describing the following:

Your age, weight, height and medical history

Any lifestyle issues that could affect your risk profile, including work, habits and activities

Your life insurance goals, with regard to death benefits and savings

Your agent can help you review the different life insurance plans, and will then have additional questions. For example, if you choose term life, you will need to choose the term and the amount of the policy. If you choose permanent insurance, you will need to decide whether universal or whole life best meets your needs.

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Considerations When Looking for Life Insurance Quotes

When you are getting life insurance quotes, make sure the plans you are considering meet your goals. Carefully consider what you want to accomplish with your life insurance policy. For example, you need to think about whether you want:

A term life policy designed to cover only end of life expenses

A term life policy that will help your family thrive once you are gone, including paying for your children’s education expenses

A life insurance policy as a part of your investment strategy that builds up a cash value to help cover your expenses in retirement

A policy that will help you with your charitable giving and/or estate management

In addition to these considerations, you will need to review the premiums you will pay with each of the different plans, and whether those payments will be manageable in the future. Some plans allow you to pay for the premium out of the cash value, so that even if your finances are tight, you will not need to surrender the policy and allow your coverage to lapse.

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Life insurance is complex, and an insurance professional can help you make sense of the choices. Contact an agent in the Trusted Choice network who can help you compare options and life insurance quotes, so that you can be certain you are making the right choice with confidence for you and your family.

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