Cheap house insurance. Life insurance quotes online

Life insurance quotes online

Need life insurance quotes?

Getting life insurance may just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Life insurance quotes online.

Why? Well, simply put - if worse comes to worst and you pass away unexpectedly, your family will be able to maintain the same standard of living they’ve become accustomed to. Then again, if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness or if you become disabled , your life insurance policy will ensure that you’re taken care of financially.

No wonder then that most banks now also require that you have life insurance in South Africa in place before they’ll approve a home loan or finance a vehicle.

There is no excuse not to get your life insurance sorted today. Even less so if you live in an age where you buy groceries, chat with friends and pay your electricity bill with a mere click of a button.

So, what are you waiting for? Get life insurance quotes online. Or better still – get a life insurance quote online from OUTsurance.

Good term life insurance

Why choose OUTsurance life insurance?

Simply because you deserve the most comprehensive life insurance cover, combined with the widest range of benefits and the friendliest, most efficient service ever.

Request your OUTsurance life insurance quote online now! Once you’ve clicked on “submit”, one of our expert life insurance sales advisors will call you back to help you tailor your insurance cover around your specific circumstances as well as your budget.

Gone are the days when you were at the mercy of paperwork, hidden costs and fine print. At OUTsurance, we do insurance better:

Your premium is guaranteed for a total of five years

How much is life insurance

You’ll receive an OUTbonus (all of your paid life insurance premiums back in cash) if you don’t submit a claim after 15 consecutive years

You can choose the time period for which you require life cover

We offer flexible payment structures

In addition to this, you’ll never have to pay for any medical tests before you take out cover with us. We’ll even go as far as sending a nurse to your home to conduct blood tests if you’re unable to visit any of the medical centres in your area.

Lowest life insurance rates

Put OUTsurance to the test and get your life insurance quote online now.
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