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Term Life Insurance for 30 Year Old Female

If you are a smoker and looking to give up the difference in premiums between non smoker and smoker premiums may give you that added incentive to stop. The table below is for a non smoker female £150000 term life insurance over 25 years. 30 year life insurance.

It is important to remember that if you use nicotine replacement products to help you stop smoking that most life assurance companies will want you too have stopped taking these for 12 months before they class you as a non smoker.

Best Buy Term Life Insurance Non Smoker: For Smoker Rates

Cover for: Female Age 30 (Male & Female are now the same cost)

Term policy: 25 years Non Smoker Rates Apply

American insurance

Cheapest premiums available for a female aged 30 non smoker as of the 09/06/2016.

The premiums quoted are for illustrative purposes only. The premiums are based on an applicant being in good health and the actual rates you will receive will be dependent upon your health and individual circumstances at the time of application.

Life Insurance Advice

If you are a smoker and thinking about giving up we can help you find the right term life insurance policy for your needs now and for the future. We offer life insurance advice by phone so you still receive our great online cheap prices. Call us today on 0845 262 2226 or complete our enquiry for and an advisor will call you to discuss your life cover needs.

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