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How much does a universal life insurance policy cost?

Our online calculator can provide you an instant estimate for a basic configuration. Enter your policy choices and applicant information into the web-based form and press the button. Quickly get a feel for the possible monthly premiums without entering personal information or getting phone calls from agents.

Request a universal life insurance quote with all the bells and whistles once you decide that buying a policy makes sense and fits your budget. An agent licensed in your state may contact in order to provide a full illustration, review optional riders, and policy variations.

Complete an application once comfortable with the numbers.

Universal Life Insurance Online Cost Calculator

Use our online universal life insurance cost calculator to estimate the monthly premiums for several policy choices and applicant variations. Input your selections in the web-based form and get an instant ballpark figure for the premium cost.

Play around with the calculator and make unlimited comparisons without having to enter personal information or get phone calls from agents. Then, request a quote from an agent licensed in your state for a precise number. An agent may contact you.

Policy Choices

Two policy feature choices are key inputs into the universal life insurance cost calculator. Play around with the online form to get an instant answer to how each selection affects your monthly premium cost. Press the “Update Estimate” button to refresh the result after each change.

Option A Vs Option B

Universal life insurance option A versus option B is the first major policy choice affecting monthly premium costs. Compare the impact on pricing very quickly for these two choices.

Option A pays the face amount when the insured dies.

Pros: has the more affordable premium

What is individual life insurance

Cons: the death benefit remains level

Option B pays the face amount plus any accumulated cash value when the insured dies

Pros: allows for faster cash value accumulation

Cons: has a much higher premium

Death Benefit Amount

The target death benefit is the amount the universal life insurance policy will pay if the insured person dies while the coverage remains in force. The impact on premiums is very simple when holding all other variables constant.

$100,000 death benefit costs roughly four times a $25,000 version

$300,000 death benefit costs roughly three times a $100,000 version

Applicant Information

Two variables related to the applicant are also key inputs into the universal life insurance cost calculator. Applicant information rarely changes. Therefore, there are fewer reasons to play around with the online form unless you want to see quick estimates for a spouse or child.

Age Range

The age of the applicant affects universal life insurance costs. In general, the older you are when applying, the higher the premiums will be. The chances of dying while the policy remains in force increase as we age. Therefore, expect to pay more when starting at an older age.

Health Issues

The online calculator does not take into account the health of the applicant. Keep in mind that you are getting a fast online estimate that does not include this important factor. Once you speak to an agent and complete a full application you may find that your rates go up or down based on your medical status.

Best price life insurance quotes

Full underwriting requires health questions and medical examination

Tobacco Use

The tobacco use of the applicant also impacts universal life insurance costs. Smokers tend to die earlier than non-smokers do. Use the following sample language to determine which box to check on the web-based form.

Non-tobacco insureds must not have used tobacco or any nicotine product in any form in the last 12 months. This includes, but is not limited to the following.

Universal Life Insurance Quote Options

Request a universal life insurance price quote from an agent licensed in your state for a policy configuration that meets your needs. Each person has individual needs that only an expert can meet. Do not try to buy a complex product based only on online information.

A licensed agent can provide a full-ledger cash value illustration along with your quote. Also, you may want to consider the cost-impact of riders that you can tack onto the coverage, as well as other variations, and compare against the term and whole coverage.


Your universal life insurance quote can also contain the pricing for riders. Riders are optional elements you can add onto the base policy for an additional cost.

The waiver of premium rider forgives all monthly premiums if the insured becomes disabled

The long-term care rider advances the death benefit to help pay for qualified long-term care expenses

The accidental death rider pays an additional benefit if the insured dies in a covered accident

The guarantee purchase rider allows the insured to purchase additional coverage without evidence of good health

Term life quotes comparison

Joint universal life insurance quotes take into consideration the lower costs of covering both a husband and a wife. First-to-die policies often have lower premiums when compared to carrying two individual plans because the company pays only one death benefit.

With this type of joint coverage, the surviving spouse has extra financial security at a more affordable rate. This works well for people unconcerned about leaving a legacy for their children.


Quotes for indexed universal life insurance are a standard product offering that most agents can handle. Indexed policies provide a guaranteed cash accumulation interest rate, and may return a higher amount if the indexed investments perform above predetermined levels.

A competent agent licensed in your state can provide a full ledger illustration of indexed returns that meet the insurance company compliance standards.


Quotes for variable universal life insurance require input from an agent who also has a Series 6 securities license. Variable policies are a securities product, where the owner builds an investment portfolio of equities and bond accounts. The owner decides which types of securities to select, and the value of the securities can be volatile.
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