Life insurance term insurance. Cancer Insurance Policy: How to Deal With Cancer?

Because cancer may come without warning Cancer insurance.

Though most of us are stoic when it comes to dealing with minor ailments and even major ones like diabetes and high blood pressure, the word ‘cancer’ can worry ;even the strongest amongst us. We instantly imagine the worst.

While defeating cancer comes with its share of hardships, the disease is also quite expensive to treat. There are many cancer patients who go into debt to not only pay the high medical costs associated with the disease but also deal with aspects like reduction in income, increased travel expenses. Others may have to defer treatment – which can have serious consequences. What is worse, cancer often strikes without warning, leaving little time to prepare.

But it is possible to financially Defeat Cancer!

Modern medicine has ways to cure cancer, but the battle against cancer also needs financial resources as well. It is possible to take the sting out of cancer’s financial repercussions by availing a comprehensive cancer insurance plan.

Cancer insurance plans are designed to help policyholders get lumpsum payouts which can facilitate timely access to high quality medical care.There are also benefit payout options which cover the cost of treatment. Since these payouts can beare independent of expenses incurred, a cancer insurance policy can fund a variety of treatment plans designed to combat the disease, from diagnostic tests to post-operative therapy, and medication. The lump sum pay-out may be used for the prescribed line of treatment, or alternate healing, plus out of pocket other form of treatment as well. It can also be used to travel to a different city/country for better treatment etc. Thus, it provides an important safety net to deal with the financial aspects of curing cancer giving the insured enough time to focus on the treatment and getting better.

How a cancer policy can help you

Defeating cancer can be possible with access to good quality treatment. But not having sufficient financial support at that time may result in treatment being deferred and the cancer progressing rapidly. At such a time, if you have a cancer insurance policy to back you up, you can start the recommended treatment course at once and get on the path to recovery much faster. The cancer insurance policies can secure you against the financial uncertainty that cancer brings.

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Some of the features of comprehensive cancer insurance policies include:

• Simple enrolment process with no medical examination

• Stage-wise lump sum pay-out as the ailment progresses

• Payouts irrespective of actual medical expenses

• Fixed monthly payout Option of a fixed monthly payout

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• No medical bills required for claims

• Reasonable premiums to make the plan affordable

• Option to buy the plan online

• Income Tax benefits/exemptions as per the applicable income tax laws in India

Who should buy cancer insurance?

The answer to that question is: Everybody. Several studies through the years show that cancer can affect anybody. While there may be certain factors like smoking/drinking/lifestyle that increase the risk of contracting cancer, cancer strikes at will and anyone can be afflicted by it. The disease is difficult and costly to treat as well. Thus, any person who feels inadequate to handle the financial ramifications of the disease must certainly invest in cancer insurance plans.

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