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Having the correct amount of life insurance coverage is one of the most important aspects of financial planning. Everyone wants to feel comfortable that their loved ones and beneficiaries will be well cared for after they pass. The thought of leaving a family unprovided for in the event of an untimely death is scary. At Life Ant, we want all our clients to feel confident that they are doing the right thing for their families and dependents. As a service to our clients we have provided the following life insurance calculator. This is simple and easy to use, but gives an excellent estimate of the amount of life insurance coverage you need. Life insurance calculators.

For most people, calculating their life insurance needs are a bit mysterious. People wonder if they can trust their insurance agent to really be looking out for their needs. Common questions people are asking themselves are: Is someone trying to sell me too much life insurance? Do I have enough coverage to provide for my loved ones? How can I estimate my life insurance needs? Well, the simple form above is here to give you an estimate of your needs. This form provides an estimate of total insurance coverage needed for our clients. If you have existing life insurance, you may not need a new policy of this size. If you are short life insurance coverage, you may want to compare quotes to see if a new, larger life insurance policy will save you money.

Remember this number is not a substitute for a full financial planning analysis, but it does provide a good estimate of your needs. It also includes an adjustment for inflation and additional costs associated with a death. While this estimator tool provides a reasonable calculation for providing lost income to loved ones after a passing, it may not provide you with an exact figure because personal circumstances and needs can vary significantly between different people and families.

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If you have a more complex need for life insurance such as estate planning, trust planning, business key man insurance, or if you have a very complex financial planning need, a more sophisticated and comprehensive analysis may be needed. This calculator is not financial advise. Please consult with a financial planner or tax professional to obtain personal advice.
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