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Protecting your family just got easier. With affordable life insurance solutions from Strock Insurance, you can safeguard your family’s standard of living with life insurance coverage that can provide an immediate source of income and funding for life’s daily necessities. Whether you need temporary or permanent types of life insurance, we can help you select the policy that will best meet your needs. Affordable life insurance.

Give Your Family Peace of Mind: Buy Life Insurance

Want to make sure your family isn’t burdened if something happens to you? Having life insurance is one of the easiest, fastest ways to ensure they’ll be financially protected in the event you are no longer with them. Life insurance quotes can be surprisingly affordable, so please contact Strock Insurance today. Our agents will help you understand your options and get you the life insurance that’s most cost-efficient for your situation.

What Is Life Insurance and How Does It Work?

Life insurance is basically a contractual agreement between you and an insurance carrier. You agree to pay a monthly premium, and your provider agrees to pay a certain amount of money to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. Although this sounds easy to understand, life insurance can become complicated to the uninitiated.

The issue comes with the types of available life insurance, such as term and whole life insurance. Term life insurance has a set ending date. If you die before that date, the insurance carrier will pay out a certain amount to your loved ones or noted charity. On the other hand, if you die after that date, all coverage will end.

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On the other hand, whole life insurance involves you paying a set premium for life. There is no end date. As you might suspect, whole life insurance premiums are typically higher than term life insurance premiums. With that being said, it’s important to get all the facts before choosing one over the other. Price is only part of the consideration when determining which life insurance is ideal for your situation.

Permanent Life Insurance

With permanent life insurance, payouts are intended to cover lifelong expenses like estate taxes and to maintaining an adequate standard of living. However, varying factors affect the cost paid for life insurance, and these include health, age, tobacco usage, hobbies, and occupation. Permanent life insurance will provide a cash benefit upon your death to cover final expenses and help your family remain in their home.

Temporary Life Insurance

Short term debt reduction and home mortgages are some of the temporary needs covered by term insurance. These financial needs vary in the length of time from one year to 20 years, or more. For a cost effective solution to insure short term needs, a term life insurance policy is definitely the best option.

Strock Agency is a locally owned independent insurance agency that can help you get the life insurance quote you require. Give us a call today!

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How Does Health Affect Life Insurance?

Most life insurance providers will require some kind of health examination. This helps them understand their risk in covering you. The good news is that once you have been accepted, if your health declines, your life insurance carrier cannot suddenly cut you off as long as you continue your premiums.

In general, it’s best to get life insurance when you’re in good health. That way, you won’t worry that you’ll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Can You Replace Your Life Insurance?

Many people who already have life insurance worry that they can’t switch to a better policy from a different provider. However, like car and home insurance, it’s possible to switch your life insurance if you find a life insurance package that suits your needs.

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