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PPF Life Insurance is an active player in the Russian life assurance market. Life insurers.

PPF Group has been operating in the insurance market in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS republics for more than 20 years. Over this time, it has become established in the market as an experienced and professional insurance company. Its successful projects include the restructuring of Česká pojišťovna (Czech Insurance Company), one of Europe’s oldest insurers. Having optimised its business processes, Česká pojišťovna has improved customer service quality, retained its leadership in the Czech insurance market on a long-term basis, and expanded to markets in a number of countries, including Russia.

PPF Life Insurance has also achieved considerable successes. Over the 17 years of its operation, the company, which started virtually from scratch as a Česká pojišťovna subsidiary in 2002, has evolved into an active player in life assurance and has become deeply rooted in its own segment of the insurance market.

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In mid-2019, PPF Life Insurance ranked among the Top 20 Russian insurance companies operating in life assurance (in terms of written premium). The company reports a high rate of growth in the retail insurance business, which it runs through its own agent network and a partner network of Russian brokerages with more than 6,000 financial advisers and over 100 agencies across Russia.

RAEX, Russia’s leading rating agency, has given PPF Life Insurance the highest rating – the ruAА reliability rating.

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PPF Life Insurance: Key Business Highlights
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