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What are the best term life insurance policies? The best term life insurance policies.

That depends on your personal needs, and your budget.

According to a study performed on behalf of The Insurance Information Institute, 97% of term life insurance policies purchased by Americans in 2003 were level term life insurance. (Source:

Why do so many people choose level term life insurance?

Level term insurance offers you many benefits, including:

Choice of terms of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.

Guaranteed level rates and coverage amount.

Lowest Prices for term life insurance.

20 yr term life insurance rates

Option to renew your life insurance policy.

By choosing level term life insurance you can budget for your premiums, because they stay the same each year.

Also, level term offers the most affordable prices for life insurance, so you can afford to purchase more life insurance protection for your family.

Best Term Insurance Policy with No Exam

Level term life insurance offers you the option of qualifying for up to $500,000 of term life insurance with no medical exams required.

You can even apply online and purchase your term life insurance policy today, if you qualify.

NOTE: Make sure you consider the financial strength rating of the life insurance company. Your life insurance quotes should provide the AM Best rating of the companies quoted.

Phoenix life insurance

A life insurer rated "A-" Excellent, or better, by AM Best Company may be financially sound and able to meet their financial obligations.

How to Get the Best Term Life Insurance Policy Rates

One way to find the best prices from the best life insurers is to request free quotes online from a quote service that has access to a network of many life insurance companies.

To request quotes you fill out one form, one time, and you instantly receive the lowest quotes for term life insurance. Your quotes will provide the prices, company names and financial ratings.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

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How to apply for life insurance

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