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When it comes to our family, we always want to be double sure. We want to give them the best of everything that life has to offer and strive hard to help them fulfil their dreams. Buying the perfect life insurance plan ensures that the family is taken care of even when we are not around. Term plans offer that security and ensure that our loved ones are secure, financially independent and have the same life style even in our absence.

Secure the future of your near and dear ones, and live to the fullest! All you need to do is opt for a Term Life Insurance plan.

Principal life insurance

Term Life Insurance plans are plans where the beneficiary of the insured is provided with financial coverage for a ‘term’ or a ‘specific period of time’. Upon the unfortunate death of the insured, the beneficiary can rightly claim the amount invested by the insured. The insured has to pay affordable, monthly premiums to keep the term plan going.

Highlights of term insurance plans

• Upon the death of the insured before the end of the Policy Term, the Death Sum Assured will be paid as the death benefit to the beneficiary.

• The insured will bear affordable premium rates for the chosen coverage period. The frequency to pay the premiums (monthly, quarterly or annually) depends on what the insured has opted for.

• Excellent tax benefits are available as per the provisions and conditions of the Income Tax Act and are subject to any changes made in the tax laws in the future.

How do i get life insurance

• There are single life and joint life term plans. In joint term plans, the insured and his/her spouse are covered and in case of death of either, the death sum assured for the deceased will be paid to the surviving member. In case of a sudden death of the couple, the entire amount assured will be paid to the beneficiary mentioned.

• There may be plan options which allow for return of all premiums paid, in case the insured survives to the end of coverage term

In the event of an unforeseen event, your responsibilities are met and the dreams of your dependents are safeguarded.

Why should you opt for PNB MetLife’s term insurance?

At PNB MetLife, the term insurance plans offer tailor-made cover options, freedom to choose benefits, flexibility to increase life cover pertaining to your requirement, lifestyle and needs, thereby giving you the opportunity to have a customized term insurance plan just for you.

Healthcare insurance

Don't you think it is time to get yourself a PNB MetLife Term Insurance Plan? Read up and apply for one today! It's time to live!

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