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Life is full of uncertainties that’s why it’s always good to be prepared. No matter what stage you are in life, BPI-Philam has various life insurance plans that can cover your financial needs. Life insurance plans.

Choose from an array of plan offerings fit for your needs:

BPI-Philam Wellness Series offers an upfront additional coverage of 20% to your policy and any attached add-ons.

Build Estate Plus is a unit-linked protection plan that can cover for your estates taxes.

Critical Care Plus is a unit-linked health and life insurance plan that provides financial protection from serious sickness, accidents or loss of life, and a growing Health Fund for future healthcare needs.

Critical Care Max is a Critical Care Plus variant with Early Stage Critical Illness Rider, Accident & Health Add-On, and Waiver of Premium for Critical Illness Add-On.

Life Ready Plus is a unit-linked life insurance plan that gives you that must-have protection and allows you to build your long-term savings through a wide array of professionally managed investment funds.

Put yourself at ease by protecting those you love

Assure Protect is a three-in-one plan with life insurance, investment potential, and a wellness program.

Build Estate Plus is a unit-linked protection plan that can cover for your estates taxes.

West coast life insurance

Life Extreme Protect is a high-value unit-linked life insurance product that provides high protection coverage and the opportunity to invest in the financial market.

Life Protect provides high protection coverage for a low cost.

Life Ready Plus is an affordable unit-linked life insurance plan that gives you that must-have protection.

Protect yourself from unforeseen medical costs and focus on getting better

Critical Care Max is a unit-linked health and life insurance plan that provides financial benefits at the early stages of a critical illness.

Critical Care Plus is a health and life insurance plan that takes care of you in sickness and gives you more benefits for having good health.

Health Save 10 is a 10-year plan that provides cash benefits in case of hospitalization and a unique MONEY BACK feature.

Life Protect Health is a ten-year coverage peso-denominated product with death benefit amounting to 100% of face amount, assured payable upon death.

Let your dreams come to life

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Build Life Plus is a savings and life insurance plan that lets you choose from a variety of funds to suit your needs.

Make the most out of your hard-earned money

Invest Dollar Max is a single-pay U.S. Dollar denominated unit-linked life insurance plan that allows you to participate in the financial market.

Invest Peso Max prepares you for retirement while providing life protection of 125% of the initial investment.

Preferred Life Plus is a one-time pay investment-linked life insurance plan that gives a lifetime of greater peace of mind.

Because we understand that not all clients have the time to visit our branches, we are now also offering plans direct to clients through BPI-Philam Direct, telemarketing, and other direct marketing channels as appropriate.

Smart Shield is a stand-alone accident insurance for the individual insured, where coverage can be extended to spouse, children and parent dependents.

Smart Shield Plus is a stand-alone accident insurance enhanced with hospitalization benefits. Coverage may also be extended to eligible dependents.

Getting a life insurance is something you do to protect the ones you love so they don't suffer financially. Learn more from BPI-Philam.

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BPI-PHILAM LIFE ASSURANCE CORP., is a strategic alliance between two leading companies in the country – The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (Philam Life) and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). Philam Life is the premier life insurance company in the Philippines and the market leader for over 60 years. BPI is a leading commercial bank in the country with over 160 years of experience in the local banking industry and an extensive branch network of more than 800 branches and 1,500 ATMs.

BPI-PHILAM’s professional and expertly trained Bancassurance Sales Executives are assigned in BPI branches nationwide to render financial advisory services that address customers’ financial and protection needs.

With the combined expertise and resources of these two trusted companies, BPI-PHILAM policyholders are assured that their insurance is backed by financial strength and stability.


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