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It is a typical concept to think that the biggest is always the best. In some cases, this may be true. When it comes to Insurance Companies, this is not always the case. Assets often determine the biggest Companies. People are looking for good insurance. They want Insurance Companies that have excellent services to offer. Best life insurance.

There will be differences of opinions as they apply to when determining the Best Insurance Companies. It is true even when based on user opinion. Also, it is because everyone has their own unique experience. Plus, it is as it applies to their life Insurance providers.

The following is a list of top Life Insurance Companies in Canada. The person’s requirements determine which life insurance is best.

Most wanting life insurance do have some common expectations. It is those that they will place on the Insurance Company. The following list provides some information. These are standard factors which include….

How involved they are in public events

How their employees view them

What Type of Life Insurance they offer

They are the biggest when it comes to how much revenue they generate. When it comes to the premiums for the domestic life, they are the second biggest. Manulife takes part in public events such as the 2008 Olympics. Also, their employees in one year alone spent over 400,000 hours in donating their time. It was for various charities and events. This Company has more than 30,000 workers. Employees have given this company a 3.6-star review. It pertains to 1,000 reports.

I life insurance

Types of Life Insurance Offered:

Summary: Manulife offers a good selection of life insurance packages. Plus, the industry views them as being reputable. Also, they provide excellent customer service.

This company holds the third place for being the largest life insurance. As a provider in Canada. Also, they too have community involvement. Also, they have many of their employees participating in local events. It is within the respective communities. Employees have given it a 3.4-star rating. It was 968 reviews that created this rating. They have about 30,000 employees.

Type of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: Sunlife Financial has reasonable pricing. Pricing is as it pertains to their life insurance packages. Customization of these packages is possible.

IA Insurance

IA Insurance is among the top ten for being the biggest in life insurance offerings. Although, this Company many other types of insurance products. They have a much smaller employee base. They have about 5,700 employees. This company focuses on making donations to charitable groups. They have set a specific mandate. Out of 89 employees that have rated the Company, they have received a 3.9-star review.

Type of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: IA seems to focus on offering customer-friendly service. They make sure their website provides a lot of informative information. Those interested can bundle their insurance with their life insurance. There are some good options to do so here.

RBC Insurance

They are a vast financial banking entity. It stands to reason they would have an insurance agency. On the whole RBC employees thousands of employees. They are active in the community. Some of their primary focus is on Habitat for Humanity and Junior Achievement. Out of 3.1 k reviews they have received a 2-star rating for one segment of their insurance division.

Type of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: The RBC Insurance offers a good selection of life insurance products. Some include the exclusion for a medical exam.

Mortgage term life insurance

This company is significant in the life insurance segment. It is because it generated about $300 million in life insurance premiums in 2014. The company has about 900 employees. The company is active in their communities through charitable donations and employee volunteer services. Based on a small number of employee reviews the company has a 4.5-star rating.

Types of Life Insurance Offered

Permanent Participating

Summary: Empire Life is well recognized and respected within the Life Insurance Industry. They have received some excellent ratings. These are ratings by some of those who specialize in this type of Insurance.

This Company is noted for its involvement in the Life Insurance industry. They have a record of generating $2.7 billion in Canadian life insurance premiums. Old records show an employee base of 18,400. Past contributions to charitable entities across Canada totalled over $12.4 million. Based on about 175 employee ratings this company has a 3-star rating.

Types of Insurance Offered

Summary: The Company seems to be well respected. They offer a variety of options within the life insurance category. Within the types of life insurance provided.

At one time Desjardins was a top rated life insurance provider in Quebec. There are no current stats on what position the company holds now. However, it is part of the top ten largest. Overall their employee database is over 47,000. Desjardins puts a heavy focus on socioeconomics for the Quebec region. Out of 324 employee reviews, the Company has earned a 3.9-star rating.

Types of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: The Company offers excellent flexibility. It is as it pertains to their Universal and Whole Life insurance coverages.

Childrens life insurance

SSQ was Axa Insurance, until the 2012 acquisition by SSQ. They have about 2,000 employees. SSQ for 2018 is the 6th largest life insurance provider in Canada. SSQ is involved with community interaction in Quebec City. There are a few employee reviews but the few there are which is about thirteen give it a 3.7-star rating.

Types of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: SSQ has earned the reputation for offering excellent customer service. Also, they are quite helpful with claims.

Standard Life

Standard Life is the fourth largest life insurance provider in Canada. They have about 2,000 employees. Standard Life became part of Manulife in 2015.

La Capitale Life Insurance

Situated in Quebec this Company employs about 2,600 employees. They are involved in the community through their foundation. Out of 19 employee reviews, the company has a 4.2-star rating.

Types of Life Insurance Offered

Summary: La Capitale Life Insurance has been in business for over seventy years. As such they have gained a favourable reputation. They are on par with their competitors when it comes to what they offer in life insurance.
Overall rating page: 3.2 / 5 left 98 people.

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