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Takaful Emarat has already got half a million medical insurance policy holders from corporate clients. (Supplied) Low cost medical insurance.

At a time when average expatriate families are looking for an affordable health insurance package, which is mandatory to renew their visas, a group medical insurance scheme has been announced by the Dubai KMCC in association with Takaful Emarat, an insurance company approved by the Dubai Health Authority, Abu Dhabi Health Authority and Dubai Insurance Authority, for an annual premium of Dh890.

Announcing details of the group medical insurance policy, P K Anwar Naha, President Dubai KMCC, said for a premium of Dh890, policy holders will get medical coverage up to Dh150,000 in the UAE and the Indian subcontinent, and the policy will cover preexisting diseases too. As health insurance is made mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, many expatriate families are looking for affordable health insurance policy. Takaful Emarat is a DFM-listed, Shariah-compliant life and health provider in the UAE. Takaful Emarat and Afiya Network are managing the policy.

Anwar Naha, said: “This medical insurance policy will be beneficial to many expatriate families because without proper medical insurance, they cannot renew their visas from June 2016 onwards. The scheme will be beneficial to expatriates with less salary who cannot afford expensive premiums for them and their family members. Our health insurance plan will cover at least 5000 members, friends and well wishers who can register with their passport copy with visa pages, Emirates ID, a photograph and the annual premium of Dh890.”

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The group medical insurance policy will be available for 5000 policy holders, who will get access to about 650 medical facilities –hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, pharmacies etc. the policy will not be available for expatraites with Abu Dhabi visa and those above 60 years of age.

The medical insurance policy, introduced as part of My health Plan will be valid till may 2017 and membership in the scheme will be open till May 8 2016. “Our motto is less premium and better benefits. Families and companies can join the group insurance scheme, which will cover medical expenses in the UAE as well as in the Indian subcontinent.” Members in the insurance scheme will get a Takaful Emarat insurance card with the logo of the participating partner.

Officials from Takaful Emarat, an insurance company that claims to have half a million policy holders, said as per the Dubai Health Authority guidelines, employers who fail to take mandatory insurance policy for their employees will get a penalty and the annual subscription amount for the group insurance policy is affordable and the subscribers can avoid a penalty of Dh 500 per month. They said the head of the family, who is the sponsor for other family members, will also have to take mandatory insurance for other family members.

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The Afia Network from Thumbai Group of Hospitals is part of Thakaful Emrat insurance programme. Using the insurance card, policy holders can get medicines, diagnostic facilities and surgeries and the doctors consultation fees of Dh 20 to Dh 25 is charged as co-insurance cost. The subscribers who go to their home countries for medical treatment should inform the insurance company in advance and within one month of submitting the medical bills, 80 per cent will be reimbursed. Policy holders have to bear 10 per cent of the pharmacy bill too.

Takaful Emarat has already got half a million medical insurance policy holders from corporate clients like Majid Al Futtaim, Al Tayar Group, Shapoorji Paoloni and the number has been growing by 300 per cent in the last two years, said Pramod, Group Sales Head, Takaful Emarat. The insurance company is offering insurance policies that cost Dh 1.8 per day to domestic workers, drivers, nannies, cooks and dependents. The policy will not cover eyecare, cosmetics and beautification medication and vitamins.
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