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I t seems lately that with mortgage rates so low and many people refinancing to 20 years, the 20yr term life insurance policy is becoming a much more popular option. 20 year term insurance.

No matter which term of insurance you purchase, make no mistake it’s important to just buy it.

In the event something happens to you, it’s the only way to make sure your family is taken care of.

As you’re thinking of buying the perfect life insurance plan, there are many of factors that you’ll need to look at to make sure that your loved ones have the money that they need. There are several different kinds of plans that you can purchase, but at common types is a term life insurance plan. These are the most affordable kinds of life insurance and are an excellent option to give you family the protection that they need.

Life insurance can be confusing and the process of having one issued could be lengthy, but we specialize in making it quick and we’re happy to help connect you with the best life insurance policy.

Who Would Want to Consider Buying a 20 Year Term Policy?

The most common ages of people I see purchasing a 20 year term life insurance policy range between 25 and 45. As mentioned above, many in this age range will have their largest asset paid off (their home) and if their savings are on track, should be close to be self-insured by the end of the term.

Affordability, maximum coverage, and policy length are three key aspects to nail down when looking to purchase a 20 year term. And even if you wish to increase your face value you don’t want to over stretch your budget – it’s important to understand that there are many options in the marketplace to tailor the right plan to your needs.

How Much Does a 20 Year Term Policy Cost?

Below are some sample 20 year term life insurance quotes from some of the big carriers. As you’ll see, I ran 20 year quotes for $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000. I’ve listed the top 3 carriers for male and female and different ages (25, 35, and 45).

Team life insurance

Please note that these quotes are subject to change depending on when you actually run the quote for yourself.

$250,000 20 Year Term Life Policy Quote

$500,000 20 Year Term Life Policy Quote

$1,000,000 20 Year Term Life Policy Quote

Should You Consider a 10 or 30 Year Instead of a 20 Year Term Life?

Obviously, this all depends on your situation. I can think of one client who took out a 10 year term policy and then was forced to renew 10 years later. She was so young that it would have been wise to do a 30 year term, but she settled for purchasing a 10 year policy. She was lucky in the sense in that even though she was 10 years older, the premium was almost the same. If I were you, I would not bank on this strategy.

I plan to self-insure in the future. Twenty years from now I won’t need life insurance. I’m planning on having at least $500,000 of my own at that point. I’m taking serious steps with my retirement and short-term savings so that as soon as I’m able I can drop life insurance and rely on my own stash.

Many people that purchase 20 year terms do so with the same mindset.

Why I Purchased 30 Year Term Policies.

Part of me knows that it 20 years that I will be self-insured. So why waste the money, right? Good question. I’ve asked myself the same thing and my conclusion comes with losing my father in his late 60’s due to heart disease and Type II diabetes.

Although I’m in excellent health now, I always play the “what if” card. And there’s some reassurance that from the ages of 54-64, my family will have that much more to take care of them if something happens to me.

Do I Need to Take a Medical Exam to Purchase 20 Year Term?

While yes, there are no medical exam term life insurance policies, it’s typically not suggested if you in good health. The exam is very basic – just like going to your doctor office; expect the nurse comes to you!.

What is cost of insurance for life insurance

Every time I’ve had a medical exam, a traveling nurse has either came to my house or office and it literally took less than 20 minutes. It’s very simple and they are often willing to work around your schedule. FYI, I prefer if they can come to my house in the mornings since you are usually required to fast and I don’t like going too long without eating something.

No medical exam plans are always available for purchase should you need coverage in short order. Though it should be known that you will need to stretch your budget more because your monthly cost will be higher than the normal term plans. If affordability is your goal its best to apply for a standard plan.

Additionally, your purchasing power is not as high as you would imagine. Typically, the face value is capped at $25K for a non medical exam plan and you could leave yourself wanting more coverage which means buying two of these policies.

What do you do with Your Insurance Policy After 20 Years Expires?

Good question. First things first. If you are truly worried about it, then you might want to consider just buying a 30 term life insurance policy. Yes, it will cost a bit more; but at least you’ll be rest assured that you’re covered for another decade. If you’re still dead set on a 20 year term insurance policy, then read on….

Typically, your insurance life insurance company will give you the choice to continue your policy on an “annual renewable basis”. What does that mean? That means that you can keep your policy in force by continuing to pay the premiums. I’m sure you’re wondering what the catch is. The catch is that annual premium is now determined based on your current age which means it will be much higher; not what you locked in 20 years ago.

The one positive thing about the “annual renewable basis” option is that you don’t have to get a new medical exam. So if you’re in bad health, this might be a good option for you so as long as you can afford the premium.

Don’t Forget Your Beneficiaries

It seems it talking about life insurance, we are always focused on the insured. But the reality is that the only reason we are taking out the policy is for our beneficiaries.

Life insurance services

The first beneficiary that is always selected is your spouse. No question. After that you name them, you’ll then want to list your children. While this all sounds basic – and it is – I’m amazed at how many people overlook this.

Another BIG mistake I see is when a divorce happens or a new child is born and the beneficiaries don’t get updated.

How to Get a 20 Year Term Life Insurance

If you want to get a twenty-year term life insurance quote for yourself, you don’t have to go too far. If you can either use the quote engine on the top left of this site, the one below, or go to his page and get a free term life quote.

Keep in mind the importance of getting life insurance coverage for your family. No matter how long we think our lives will last being able to provide your family with financial security will last longer. Contact us today to get the insurance process started. We’re happy to help and give answers to questions on your mind.
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