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Terms of Business

Laya Healthcare Limited is a private company registered in Ireland under company number 242048. Laya healthcare and laya life are trading names of Laya Healthcare Limited. Our address is Eastgate Road, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork, T45 E181. Life insurance conditions.

Laya Healthcare Limited is a member company of AIG Inc., one of the world’s leading international insurance and financial services organisations.

Laya Healthcare Limited, trading as laya healthcare operates as a tied agent in respect of Health Insurance for Elips Insurance Ltd. Laya Healthcare Limited, trading as laya life operates as a tied agent in respect of Life Insurance for iptiQ Life SA. Laya Healthcare Limited receives payment from Elips Insurance Limited, iptiQ Life SA and AIG Europe Limited in respect of all business generated and details of this agreement are available on request.

The information that you provide Laya Healthcare Limited will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003. We will use the information you have provided for underwriting, claims’ handling and fraud prevention purposes. We may use this information to keep you informed of products that we offer from time to time. When you request a quote from us, you may receive a phone call or text message and/or email in relation to that quote. If you would prefer not to receive such communications, please let us know.

Laya Healthcare Limited is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland;

Laya Healthcare Limited is subject to the Consumer Protection Code 2012 and the Minimum Competency Code 2011 which offers protection to the consumers. These codes can be found at

Laya Healthcare Limited is registered as an Insurance Intermediary under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations, 2005.

Laya Healthcare Limited subscribe to the Investment Compensation Company Limited. The Investment Compensation Company Limited provides adequate funds out of which eligible investors of failed investment firms are compensated.

It is our policy to maintain appropriate administrative structures to ensure that the potential for any conflict of interest between us is avoided as far as possible. We will try to avoid conflicts of interest, and we shall advise you if we feel a conflict exists. If you feel that your interests have not been fairly protected please contact us to give us the opportunity to resolve any issues you have.

What happens if I do not pay the premium?

If you miss any payment that is properly due to us your policy may be cancelled. Please refer to your terms and conditions for further details. If necessary, we will use our legal rights to claim any payments you owe us for services that we have provided.

If you are unhappy in anyway with the service provided to you. Please contact our team directly to see if we can resolve any concerns you may have. If you are unhappy with our response you can address your concerns in writing to The Head of Customer Service at Laya Healthcare Limited, Eastgate Road, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork.

Terms and conditions

Laya life has taken great care in the development and presentation of this website and the material present on it.

Laya life reserves the right to close any or all of the site at any time and to amend or correct any site content, with or without prior notice.

Material on this website is directed primarily at viewers in the Republic of Ireland. Laya life make no representations with regard to any of the material in relation to other states. Those accessing this website from locations outside the Republic of Ireland are responsible for compliance with local laws, to the extent that local laws are applicable.

These provisions (terms, conditions and disclaimers) shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland. If any of these provisions are deemed or found to be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable then the provision or provisions so found shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Selling life insurance

Data Protection Statement

Laya Healthcare Limited and Elips Insurance Limited act as joint data controllers in relation to information held about you for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts. You should show this notice to anyone who may be covered by your insurance policy with laya healthcare.

We will use the information you provide to manage and administer your insurance policy, including underwriting and claims handling and for money laundering prevention purposes. In order to provide you with products and services, this information will be held in the data systems of laya healthcare and Elips Insurance Limited or by our agents or subcontractors.

In addition to the routine administration of your policy we may also use your data to:

• invite you to events we are sponsoring

• invite you to various events we run exclusively for our members

• gauge satisfaction with the service you received from us. We may use your data in such a manner for a period of 18 months after your membership ends

• perform Market research. We may use your data in such a manner for a period of 18 months after your membership ends

Information may be shared with other insurers for the following purposes (either directly or through people acting for the insurer such as an Investigator)

• where we are entitled to do so under the Data Protection Acts

• in accordance with The Health Insurance Act 1994 (Determination of Relevant Increase under section 7A and Provision of Information under section 7B) Regulations 2014. The purpose of such a transfer is to confirm information that you have provided on taking out a policy with a new insurer

• for the efficient payment of Stamp Duty, payable on your Health Insurance contract under section 125A of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act 1999

We may share your personal information with hospitals and/or consultants to aid the efficient processing of claims. We may pass contact details of female members aged between 50 and 64 years of age to the National Breast Screening Programme. If you would prefer us not to do so please let us know. We may contact you with a reminder that your insurance is due to be renewed. In the interest of customer service, calls are recorded and monitored.

We take our security responsibilities seriously, employing the most appropriate physical and technical measures, including staff training and awareness. We review our security measures and procedures regularly.

It may be necessary for us to collect sensitive information (such as medical conditions) about you and others named on the insurance policy.

We collect information about you, to include all necessary information as laya healthcare or its authorised agents may obtain (or seek from your physician or a hospital) in connection with any treatment or other services provided to you or your dependant(s). This may include (with respect to any claims under this Policy) copies of hospital/medical records, by which we mean the following in particular:

Unemployment insurance

• records of physical or mental illness or ill-health;

• records of treatments obtained by you;

• length of any stay in a hospital ;

• other treatments or services received by you or your dependant(s); and

In general will also include other relevant and pertinent information which we require to administer your policy and/or manage, assess or administer any claims thereunder from time to time.

We may use the information about you that we hold (both personal and sensitive personal information) for the following purposes:

• for managing and administering your insurance policy

• for underwriting and claims handling

• for money laundering prevention purposes

• to analyse and examine the claims processes and treatment/over-night stay/convalescence options applied/utilised by medical service providers

• to audit medical service providers generally

• to examine the handling of claims by a medical service provider.

It may be necessary for us to collect sensitive information (such as medical conditions) about you and others named on the insurance policy. By going ahead with this insurance you will be agreeing to us or our agents or other insurers processing that information. Before you provide sensitive information about others, you should make sure they have given their express consent.

Medical information will be kept confidential and may be disclosed, on a strictly confidential basis, to those involved with your treatment or care or their health professional agents. However, anonymised data - that is, information which does not identify an individual - may be used by laya healthcare, or disclosed to others, for research or statistical purposes.

Access to non-medical information may be granted by laya healthcare to others on a strictly confidential basis in the course of and for the purpose of the efficient administration of laya healthcare (for example, in connection with audit, systems development, managing or improving our services).

Full life insurance

It is our policy to only take instructions to change a policy from the main member or from company secretaries where the company is administering or contributing to the cost of the scheme. In some cases we may also deal with other people who call on your behalf with your consent

Laya healthcare, would like to keep you informed about products and services they provide. If you would prefer not to receive this information please contact us. You will be given an opportunity to opt-out of receiving such messages and information on each occasion we contact you by post, e-mail and sms text message.

Your information may also be used for these purposes for a period of 1 year after your policy has lapsed. Thereafter we will only contact you if you expressly request us to do so.

You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you by writing to our Information Protection Manager, at laya healthcare, Eastgate Road, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co Cork, T45 E181. Please review your information and contact us if you wish to make changes


This website is protected by copyright. It is published by laya healthcare limited and may not be reproduced other than when downloaded and viewed on a single computer for private use only. You cannot reproduce, transmit or make it available on a network without getting our written consent first. All other rights reserved.


Our goal is to give our members a first-class service at all times. But if you're not happy about any aspect of our service, please get in touch.

Customer service manager

Laya Life takes part in the insurance ombudsman scheme. In the event of your dissatisfaction continuing you have direct recourse to;

Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman

Lincoln House, Lincoln Place
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