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Stability of the Company

Life insurance can be a long term investment... therefore future policyholders need to be confident that the life insurance company is going to be there as long as they are - to fulfill its obligations. It's important that a life insurance company's strength and stability are important.

Current Ratings: Check the current ratings of the life insurance company with AM Best or other reputable ratings company.

Rating History: See if the company has consistent ratings over its history.

Financial Strength: Review each life insurance company's financial strength for continuity and stability.

Life Insurance Policies

Many large life insurance carriers offer a full range of life insurance products. Having a large variety of life insurance products may become more important over time, especially as your needs change with different life events. If the life insurance carrier allows you to easily upgrade (or downgrade) to another type of life insurance policy, it could make a big difference to you and your family.

Term Life Insurance: An affordable life insurance that is created to cover you for a fixed amount over a set period of time.

Life insurance beneficiary

Universal Life Insurance: A type of permanent insurance that lets you adjust the benefit amount up or down without having to get a new policy.

Whole Life Insurance: Permanent life insurance designed to last from the time you purchase your policy through the remainder of your life.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance: A simple life insurance policy designed for people age 50 - 85, to help cover expenses like medical bills or funeral costs.

Accidental Death Insurance: AD&D insurance, is there to help protect you and your family if you are seriously injured or killed in an accident.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is a signal that a life insurance company is well managed, but doesn't necessarily mean it's the right fit for your life insurance needs.

Phone or Live Chat Support: If a life insurance company offers phone or live chat support, it could be important that you can contact the company 24/7.

Whole life insurance companies

Email Support: Life insurance companies should offer email support and have their contact information easily accessible.

Online Tools

Some companies offer additional online tools which can be accessed even without purchasing an insurance policy. Life Insurance Calculators, estimators and other online educational resources are a good way to learn more about the life insurance products a company carries.

Insurance Calculators: Some life insurance companies offer online calculators to help determine how much life insurance you need.

Education Center: Some people like to conduct research on their own and try to find general information about how insurance works, which makes a learning or education center, a valuable resource.

Online Policy Management: Many life insurance carriers have online tools that allow customers to make changes to their account or policy, such as updating a mailing address or changing how they pay for their life insurance premiums.

Help Protect Your Family

You can speak to an agent to find a life insurance policy and get a personalized, no obligation life insurance quote in just a few minutes. It's that easy to start helping protect your family's financial future!

10 year term life insurance rates

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