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Buying life insurance can be an important decision that can impact the future financial well-being of your loved ones. The financial ratings of a life insurance provider are something you might want to consider as part of your decision-making experience. Life insurance ratings.

AIG Life Insurers have earned the following financial ratings from some of the industry’s leading rating agencies.¹

An overview of AIG

Learn more about the history of AIG, their financial strength and some of their awards and recognitions.

Proven history of service

5 year term life

AIG has been serving customers for almost 100 years and operates in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. Great things don’t happen without risk, and AIG has been there to support many of the events that have helped shaped the world around us, including the Olympics, the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, research expeditions to Mount Everest and the North Pole, and more

AIG maintains around $500 billion in assets every year and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

AIG has been recognized for a number of awards, including the Business Insurance Innovation Award and the CIO 100 award for the company’s display of IT innovation.

Term life insurance age limit

AIG Life Insurers offers a diverse lineup of life insurance products designed to fit the unique needs of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ages and stages in their lives. The insurance policies offered by AIG Life Insurers include various types of permanent and term life insurance products that offer a wide range of coverage lengths.

Learn more about AIG

Learn more about AIG Life Insurers or speak with an AIG-appointed life insurance agent at 1-855-840-2335 to find out how we can best serve your needs.
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