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What makes the best Life Insurance?

Although no single answer can be given, there are a number of things you can look at to help you judge the quality of a Life Insurance policy. These include: Best life insurance.

Clarity of policy wording

The number and range of exclusions

If premiums are guaranteed

Optional extra areas of cover

Percentage of claims paid

The size of payouts can’t really be used to determine the quality of a Life Insurance policy, as this will depend on the amount that a client has chosen to cover themselves for.

You also need to think about value for money, as simply paying the most expensive premium won’t necessarily guarantee you the best life cover. You’re looking for the right policy at the right price, so think about a product:

Covering you for an appropriate period of time

Offering the payout level you need

Giving the level of flexibility you’re comfortable with

At the cheapest price you can find (providing the above criteria have been met)

At the end of the day, the key to finding the best Life Insurance policy comes from an intimate understanding of your needs and of the product. That’s why it can be crucial to speak to a well-informed financial adviser to help you find the best Life Insurance.

How to find the best Life Insurance company

There a number of factors you should look at when comparing Life Insurance companies to find out which one is the best for you. Most life insurers, like all insurers, publish their policy documents on their website, so you can see the level of cover you might be getting if you chose them.

Percentage of claims paid by the best Life Insurers

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), 98% of term insurance claims and 99.99% of Whole of Life Insurance claims were paid out in 2017.

1 year life insurance policy

Despite these very high percentages, you will find some insurers with higher payout rates than others, which may be one indication of the quality of the product, but with most insurers the payout rates for life cover are very high. Also, if an insurer does not publish its payout rates, it may be something that gives you pause for thought.

Our easy-to-use insurance claims statistics tool can show you the percentage of claims paid out by particular life insurers, and whether this percentage has been on an upward or downward trend.

The best Life Insurance policies have clarity of wording

While payout rates on Life Insurance are very high, you may be wondering why they aren’t 100%, especially on whole of life policies.

A lack of clarity in paperwork and policy wording is arguably the main reason for declined claims, with the ABI saying: “When claims are declined this is usually due to the customer not disclosing important information when taking out the policy, or claiming for a condition that is not covered by the policy.”

While you may not understand all the terminology in the terms and conditions, see if you can get to grips with the basic meaning, ask yourself whether there are any ambiguities and if you consider any exclusions reasonable.

Life Insurance and exclusions: when does Life Insurance not pay?

Related to the issue of the clarity of wording is the number and range of exclusions on a Life Insurance policy.

All policies will differ and you need to expect exclusions; for example, cycling will almost certainly be covered, but downhill mountain biking may be considered an extreme sport and be excluded. Most life insurers put a suicide exclusion on policies for the first year, also.

Read the terms and conditions of your Life insurance policy and, if you feel that the number and range of exclusions is excessive or unreasonable, you’re probably not looking at the ‘best’ policy.

Reputation of the best Life Insurance companies

In research conducted for Drewberry, 20% of people said they didn’t have Life Insurance because they didn’t trust providers to pay out on a claim – an impression that doesn’t really tally with the actual payout rates already noted.

Provider reputation can be a difficult rating factor to quantify, so think about speaking to an expert adviser who has a wide knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Some insurers will use star ratings provided by independent financial researcher Defaqto to grade their policies, five stars being the highest rating. You may also want to consider the reputation of a provider with the public and media, looking out for negative coverage.

Top 5 Life Insurance Providers

Additional Life Insurance cover

Many Life Insurance policies will have additional benefits above and beyond offering a payout on the policyholder’s death, benefits that may be included as standard or offered for an additional premium.

It may seem natural to assume that the ‘best’ policy has the widest range of such additional cover areas, but consider what it is that you actually need and want. Paying for more cover than you need is not the way to find the best Life Insurance, but some of the cover areas to think about include:

Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

Most Life Insurance policies will offer Critical Illness Insurance as an add-on. If you choose this cover, it will significantly raise the price of your premium; however, this is likely to be a better choice than taking out Life Insurance plus a separate critical illness cover (CIC) policy.

Good term life insurance

If you add on CIC to Life Insurance, the main thing to be aware of is whether you’re buying an independent policy or an integrated one. With an integrated policy there can be only one payout, meaning that – should you make a successful critical illness claim – there will be no further payout from the Life Insurance after you die.

Independent critical illness cover allows the Life Insurance element of the policy to continue after a successful critical illness claim.

Terminal illness cover

Terminal illness cover is usually a standard feature of Life Insurance policies, allowing for a payout to be made before the policyholder’s death if they’re diagnosed with a terminal condition.

The payout may be lower – perhaps by about 3% – than if it was made after death, and terminal illness cover is commonly excluded if the claim is within 12 months of the end of a term policy. Note also that there has been criticism of the level of medical proof required by some insurers.

Are guaranteed premiums better than reviewable premiums for Life Insurance?

Generally, guaranteed Life Insurance premiums – where the monthly sum you pay doesn’t change through the life of the policy – are seen as ‘better’ than reviewable Life Insurance premiums. The Financial Ombudsman Service says that most complaints about Whole of Life policies relate to the latter.

Reviewable premiums may be cheaper at the outset of the policy, but could prove significantly more expensive in the longer term as insurers are free to raise premiums over time. This may happen if, for example, the provider experiences higher claim levels than it had anticipated, or if a major change in interest rates increases its cost base.

Other life insurance options

Waiver of premium

This option can mean that, if you find yourself in unfortunate circumstances, your Life Insurance policy remains in place without you having to continue to make premium payments; this may be, for example, if you can’t work because you’ve become seriously ill.

Flexible options

Policies can come with an enormous range of flexible options that can seem great to cope with changing, unpredictable circumstances. But you also need to remember that the more flexibility you build into a product, the more you’re likely to pay in premiums.

Guaranteed insurability – allows you to increase your level of cover without a further medical assessment

Benefit indexation – the level of your potential payout will increase in line with inflation

Renewable term Life Insurance – gives the option to renew at the end of the policy without a further medical assessment

Convertible term Life Insurance – can be turned into a whole of life policy without a further medical assessment

Renewable and convertible hybrid Life Insurance – a term policy with the potential for renewal and/or to be turned into Whole of Life cover.

Is it best to hold multiple Life Insurance policies?

While you can have as many Life Insurance policies as you like, that may not be the most cost-effective way of increasing the payout from your Life Insurance policy.

Where do i get life insurance

If you already have Life Insurance but you find that you need more or different cover, there are likely to be a number of options open to you, including taking out an additional policy.

Expert advice on finding the best Life Insurance

Using our quick and easy online Life Insurance quote service can be a good start as you research the best policy for your needs, showing you a range of options with details of:

The requested level of life cover

The requested level of Critical Illness Cover (if any)

The payout percentage rate (if published by the insurer)

The requested policy term

Whether premiums are guaranteed or reviewable

The cost per month (with and without Critical Illness Cover).

If you see an option you like the look of, you’ll be able to view the key facts of the policy. As with any insurance, reading the terms and conditions with care is something you should always do.
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