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International Insurance

Blenheim Global Assets exclusively offers international life insurance. We know that the protection and financial security of your loved ones are your prime concerns. International life insurance.

what would be the practical and financial consequences if you were to die suddenly?

Life Assurance products act as a financial safety net for life’s unforeseen or tragic events. No one thinks or expects that they will die prematurely, or that the worst will happen to them. However, as life is unpredictable, it’s prudent to be prepared for all eventualities. No one wants to leave their loved ones in a tough position if difficulties do occur.

That’s where Blenheim Global Assets can help. By paying a periodic premium, you are effectively contributing to a pool which can be used to pay a lump sum to your survivors in the event of your sudden death or disability.

We’re aware that protecting your dependants is important to you, but we also want it to be something that you can put in place and then forget about, leaving it safely in our hands.

That’s why we have exclusive access to a series of personal insurance solutions, designed specifically for you – and your family’s – peace of mind.

Life insurance deals

Term To 100 Plan

We believe that the products we offer are competitively priced and among the best on the market.

When you choose Blenheim Global Assets, it’s in the knowledge that you are selecting a company with global strength.

For more detailed information on both our Term Assurance and T100 products, please contact us.

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No matter what life stage you’re at, your personal wealth status or your own financial knowledge, at Blenheim Global Assets you’re the individual at the center of everything we do.

Cheap house insurance

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