Contents insurance. All you need to know about International Life Insurance and its different plans

The International Life Insurance is a plan for people who travel abroad for various reasons want to secure their family from the financial mishaps due to the accidental death and dismemberment of the traveler. It gives benefits in the case of death or dismemberment due to extreme sports, fires, firearms, traffic accidents; plane crashes, private piloting crashes, and more. International life insurance.

Main goals of International Life Insurance

International life insurance is designed to provide coverage to people who travel abroad. Similar to domestic life insurance plans, it pays a lump sum to the beneficiaries if the insured dies or faces dismemberment, including total permanent disability, abroad.

You should note that many domestic life insurance plans do not cover the causalities that happen abroad. For protecting the family members from the financial difficulties when something unexpected happens, the travelers are encouraged to subscribe the International Life Insurance.

International Life Insurance assures the financial stability of the beneficiaries of the insured person. It ensures the standard of living for the insured’s family even during his or her absence. The plan acts as the source of income for paying taxes and debts for the family during the period. It also takes care of the educational expenses of the family members.

Ideal customers of the International Life Insurance are

International travelers and expatriates who are living around the world.

Popular Plan: Petersen

The benefit schedule

The benefit schedule of the International Life Insurance for death and various dismemberment cases are as follows:

Different coverage options

24-Hour Coverage: It is holistic accidental coverage that includes common carrier coverage and air travel.

Common Carrier Coverage: It covers all the forms of conveyance on common carriers including air travel. It does not cover the conveyance using private vehicles.

Air Travel Only Coverage: It covers the travel on a certified commercial aircraft of any commercial airline group operated by a certified pilot. The definition of aircraft here includes regularly scheduled, non-scheduled, chartered, or special flights.

Unique features

The benefits are paid apart from your existing plans.

The survivors can claim the benefits even the loss due to weather conditions or in a conveyance that ended up in sinking or disappearance and not recovered the body even after 365 days from the accident.

The benefits are also paid on the condition of the presumption of death.

The beneficiaries get the payment in a single lump sum.

New life insurance policy

It provides coverage to accidental bodily injury experienced while in force and led to loss within a year from the accident date.

War including acts of war and terrorism can be covered under the plan only if the subscriber applies for the same and pays an additional premium.

Purchase options

You can purchase International Life Insurance from private health insurance firms or, buy it online. Contact us for a quote.

Though you can purchase the International Life Insurance from multiple sources, the best approach is comparing various international life insurance plans from different service providers and choosing the best one in terms of rates, policy conditions, and terms. You can also ask for instant quotes in the comparison websites. After analyzing the quotes, you can subscribe the plan by filling and submitting an online application form.

After the submission of the completed application form, the service provider will send you the purchase confirmation papers and policy documents through email. You can also choose the option to review the International Life Insurance plan here before purchase.

Time duration to get a policy in hand

As soon as you submit the completed online form, the insurance provider starts reviewing your application. It goes through underwriting, for around 1 to 4 business days, and other documentation processes. You will be sent the policy documents after your documents are verified.

Payment options

At present, the insurance provider allows you to pay through credit cards and checks.

The right time to purchase an international life insurance

You can purchase the policy when you are planning to relocate to a foreign country and can buy the plan up to the day just before the departure. However, to enjoy the full benefits of the policy, it is good to buy it in advance and ensure that you are fully protected at the time of travel. The late applications can cost you losing some benefits and may even lead to claim denials on certain events.

Main players involved in the International Life Insurance

1. Administrators

The administrators design the plan, premium, its benefits, and exclusions. Petersen The is the organization takes care of your International Life Insurance administration.

2. Underwriters

Underwriters are various insurance firms that take responsibility for disbursing the claims. The underwriting services for your International Life Insurance is provided by:

Reliability of Underwriters

You can check the reliability of such companies by going through the A.M. Best rating for these players. It gives you the actual representation of the financial position of such firms and is widely accepted in the insurance industry.

Underwriting requirements

Life insurance offers

No need for any medical examinations.

People can send their applications by email or fax.

The average underwriting cycle time is one to four business days.

The benefits from the plan cannot exceed ten times the yearly income of applicant unless otherwise justified.

Covering pre-existing conditions

The medical history of each applicant will be evaluated for the purpose and determined on a case to case basis. Though medical examination is not required, the Underwriters do require you to declare illnesses/injuries on the application.

Claims process

Communicate with the insurance provider about the demise or dismemberment of the insured at the earliest as they can advise you of any specific requirements for the claims process.

Submit all the valid claim forms along with supporting documents for the claims process.

After due verification of the documents, the company accepts your claim and issues a lump sum payout to the beneficiary.

Major exclusions

In some cases, you cannot get the coverage of your International Life Insurance. The situations are as follows:

Pre-existing medical conditions. Refer the brochure for more details.

Fatal accidents due to gross negligence.

Any illness, injury or incident that reportedly knew by the insured individual at the time of the insurance subscription.

Level benefit term life

Congenital disorders, birth injuries, and any medical conditions due to hereditary factors any kind.

Claims in regards to alcoholism, drug abuse, or any other related substance use leading to addictive condition and any illness or injury caused by directly or indirectly from such addiction, abuse, or use.

Suicide attempt or suicide, and bodily illness or injury that is either willfully self-inflicted or because of reckless or negligent behavior.

Any claims concerning the illness, injury, or death due to directly or indirectly taking part any criminal acts or helping to execute criminal offenses.

Claim requests due to illness, injury, or death resulted due to the travel against advice or warning.

Any type of hazardous activities and the illness, injury, or death arising from it.

Any claim attempts directly or indirectly taking part civil unrest, conflicts, or act of terrorism.

The need of survivors returning to the country for the claim process

International Life Insurance works to ensure hassle-free disbursal of claims. The survivors can download and fill the claim form from the website, attach all the required documents to it, and send the complete package to the insurance company. They can also call the claims contact number for more information and follow up.
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