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Pulse Insurance is a specialist in International risks. Through Lloyd’s, we have authority to write direct general insurance including Personal Accident and Income Replacement in over 75 jurisdictions. Although life licences are more restrictive, we can still work in a large number of territories providing cover for: International life insurance.

Overseas Business

Pulse has a strong relationship with Lloyd’s internationally: one of our directors was a former Lloyd’s General Representative and three of our directors have had director level appointments within Lloyd’s managing agencies prior to joining the business.

Local regulations sometimes permit documentation to be issued in any language provided both parties agree it, however, Pulse is only able to issue policies in English. We have local currency bank accounts in the UK and Eire and can transact in most currencies including Sterling, euro, US Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars and Singapore Dollars as well as most other currencies.


We are always happy to look at individuals working overseas even on extended contracts. We regularly offer terms to individuals working in hazardous territories or working in difficult occupations including private security and oil & gas.

We are usually able to offer cover for people seeking insurance in relation to UK assets (e.g. to cover an IHT liability arising from UK property). We do not have automatic exclusions in respect of specific nationalities.

Cover for Overseas

For expatriates and overseas workers based here we normally issue a Lloyd’s policy. You can check Details of Lloyd’s licenced status for any country.

Term life insurance rates by age

Please note however that if the insured is only away from the UK temporarily, it may be possible to issue a UK policy. Similarly, where a company has a head office address in Europe we can usually use that as the insured entity and if an expatriate has an address and bank account in the UK or a Lloyd’s licence territory such as France or Spain then again we may be able to issue the policy in that country.

If your circumstances are not addressed above, we would invite you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

Further Information for For Intermediaries

Hong Kong

Lloyd's (and Pulse as a regulated Lloyd’s Coverholder) is an authorised insurer in Hong Kong. We are licensed to write all non-life classes – that includes personal accident business, income replacement and special contingency cover. Restrictions do apply, however, on life business: it may only be written offshore as unregulated business if it is not sought out or actively marketed in Hong Kong. Pulse will require confirmation that you and any introducers have complied with this. There are also specific requirements for disclosure of information to clients, including a Consumer Protection Declaration. There are no premium taxes, stamp duties or other forms of taxation imposed on insurance premiums paid to foreign insurers covering risks situated in or insured parties resident in Hong Kong.

Pulse can write business based in the DIFC and can offer terms when others cannot if there is a connection to a licenced territory such as the UK, France or Italy. In the case of Expats we are happy to offer terms even where an individual is on an extended contract.

The US is a complicated territory for us and we can only consider writing business originating from the US if the insured has an address and bank account in a Lloyd’s licenced territory.

How to get life insurance policy

Other territories

We can often offer terms to groups and individuals. Where a company has a head office address in Europe we can usually use that as the insured entity, similarly if an expat has an address in the UK.

If this is not the case, the issuance of a local policy may be possible if there is no connection back to a licensed territory; alternatively, for larger risks we maybe able to consider working with a local fronting company.

If your circumstances are not addressed above, we would invite you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

Income Replacement in Singapore

Male, 49, Non smoker, Singapore national

Heart condition and extensive travel

20 yr term life insurance

26 week deferred period, no exclusions

PTD (usual occupation) lump sum: €1,343,000

€20,664 gross annual premium

Overall rating page: 3.2 / 5 left 130 people.

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