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International Group Life insurance to protect employees and their dependants International life insurance.

Flexible term life schemes can be combined with Income Protection insurance

Procedures to mitigate for pre-existing conditions or riskier employee profiles

Bespoke Group Life programmes for any size of company working abroad with different levels of cover to meet different levels of seniority

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International Life insurance, anywhere in the world

International Life insurance – providing financial compensation for an employee’s family or dependants in the event of his or her death – is seen as an essential employment benefit by many senior executives.

Creating an international Group Life insurance scheme for your company can deliver this benefit anywhere in the world. It may also enable you to reduce the administrative and cost burden associated with protecting your employees across borders.

We have a proven track record in developing international Group Life insurance schemes for multinational companies. We'll often use a mix of international Life insurance and local providers in order to meet national regulatory requirements. We then integrate policies into a single management scheme so that it’s simple to administer centrally, and at the point of delivery.

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Flexible international Life insurance

For international Life insurance to be effective, it needs to be able to work for every employee, in every country in which you operate. We create flexible international Group Life insurance schemes that can accommodate different needs.
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