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The most common thought when beginning your search for life insurance is naturally how much will life insurance cost. Low cost term life insurance quotes.

In this article, we’ll cover what effects your life insurance rates, how to obtain the lowest life insurance rates available and at the end we’ll provide a tool to compare the top rated carriers (without submitting your contact information).

Life insurance cost will depend on several factors including:

How much coverage you want ($100,000?, $250,000?, $1M?)

How long you want the coverage (the longer the term length, the more expensive it becomes)

Title insurance

Type of policy you buy (ie. term, whole life, universal life)

It’s no surprise that the least expensive life insurance rates are given to those who are young and healthy.

Beyond this, here are 3 quick tips to help lower the cost of life insurance.

Use an independent life insurance agency. An independent life insurance agency works on behalf of YOU and not the life insurance companies. They can access all the top rated carriers and find the company that will off you the best rate. This is the most important tip we can give you to lower your life insurance costs.

Get life insurance online

Take a medical exam to qualify for the coverage. Many life insurance agencies will try to offer you “ no medical exam life insurance ” which is more expensive than traditional policies. There’s nothing wrong with these policies, but if you’re trying to bring your life insurance cost to the lowest possible rates, you’ll want to go through the efforts of taking the free medical exam.

Prepare for your medical exam. It’s recommended to fast at least 8 hours before the exam, this includes alcohol, going against these suggestions can impact your health classification. Our advice is to take the medical exam first thing in the morning, before breakfast. With sleep you get that natural fast and you’re more relaxed without a full day’s stresses. Prepare for the life insurance medical exam if you’re serious about lowering your life insurance cost.

Now that you understand what effects your life insurance rates and how to secure affordable life insurance, you’re ready to compare rates. Use our free quote engine below to compare rates of all the top rated life carriers. (rates will appear on another screen)

The only variable in this quote engine that you won’t know is your health class (Preferred Plus, Preferred, Standard Plus or Standard). We’ve been in this industry a while, so part of our job is to be upfront and honest about what class you may fit in. Even minor health issues like controlled cholesterol and high blood pressure can effect your rates. So if you have any health issues, make sure you contact us so we can give you accurate rates.

Life insurance types in usa

Lastly, don’t let cost deter you from buying life insurance. Buy as much as you can comfortably afford and then revisit it every year. It’s what the majority of consumers do. Life insurance needs are constantly evolving.

Remember, the responsibility to your family doesn’t end when you die. Make sure your loved ones are taken care of today.
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