Insurance services. Astoundingly Low Price Term Life Insurance Quotes for 48 Year Olds

If you’re looking for sample term life insurance quotes for 48 year olds and wondering how much you might pay then we’ve provided some samples of quotes for you. Low cost term life insurance quotes.

These quotes are for both males and females.

We’ve also provided some handy information on some of the few life insurance riders that are available so you can enhance your coverage.

Sample Quotes of Term Life Insurance for 48 Year Olds

Here are some sample quotes that we researched for both males and females who are 48 years old.

(Helpful Tip) – To compare rates from the nation’s leading life insurance companies for your exact age – please use the Instant Life Insurance Quote calculator on this page.

If you want to get an idea of how much life insurance you need, please use our life insurance needs calculator which will help you determine the right amount for your unique situation.

Life Insurance Riders For 48 Year Olds

What is a life insurance rider? A life insurance rider is simply an add on or supplemental form of coverage that be purchased for an additional premium and can be very valuable especially if you’ve just turned 48 and are purchasing life insurance for the very first time.

Major medical insurance

Some of the most popular term life insurance riders include the following:

Waiver of Premium

With this rider, your life insurance premiums continue to be covered should you become disabled or if you become ill and can no longer work and afford to pay the premiums on your policy.

Disability Insurance Rider

Should you become disabled and can no longer work, the insurer will pay you a specified income for a specified length of time. Some insurers will cover this if you become injured as a result of an accident but not because of an illness while others will cover you both for an accident and an illness.

Guaranteed Insurability Rider

As life progresses, you may have a need for additional life insurance in the future. If you believe you will need more insurance later on, this rider will guarantee that you can buy more life insurance even if you’ve if you have developed a serious health issue. This rider guarantees that only your age will be taken into account when you apply for more life insurance.

Critical Illness Rider

This rider will pay you a lump sum even though you’ve been diagnosed with a critical illness. This can be especially handy if you need the additional income to pay for expenses not covered by your health plan. In fact, you or your family can use this lump sum in any manner they choose to do so.

Return of Premium

Did you know that most people outlive their term life insurance policy? After spending thousands of dollars over the years, wouldn’t it be nice to get all this premium money paid back to you? That’s exactly what this type of coverage provides. Premiums are higher, but you will get a nice fat check back later when your coverage ends. Think of this like a built-in savings account.

Level life insurance quotes

Types of Permanent Life Insurance for 48 Year Olds

Term insurance might be the least expensive form of life insurance but it might not be the best choice for you and your family.

The other form of available life insurance is know as “Permanent Life Insurance” and includes other types of life insurance such as Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, or Whole Life.

Permanent insurance not only covers you for death benefits like term; it has an additional feature that builds up a cash value inside the policy that can be accessed later for any needs.

Permanent insurance also covers you for your entire life and doesn’t have to be renewed like a term policy has to when the term expires.

A permanent life insurance life insurance also some other benefits in that it can protect your money from taxes but you can also use it to supplement your 401(k).

No Exam Life Insurance for 48 Year Olds

There are an abundance of life insurers which now provide No Exam Life Insurance. These policies are a bit more expensive to purchase but you don’t have to bother with the annoyance of having to take a medical exam. If you hate needles and are in a hurry to buy a policy then by going this route you can get approved in just a couple of days or as fast as 15 minutes. If this applies to you then this might be the ideal choice.

Death insurance

Finding More Sample Life Insurance Quotes for 48 Year Olds

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the best of health or if you have a serious health problem as Abrams Insurance Solutions specializes in getting clients approved for coverage with any medical conditions.

We have access to over 70 of the best life insurance companies available so we can find you the life insurance solution that suits you best and at the lowest cost possible.

If you are 48 years old and need life insurance, call us 888-905-0333 or use the Instant Quotes calculator on this page to check life insurance rates today.
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