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Work with us at Insuring Income to find a low cost term life insurance rates from America’s top Insurance companies. Low cost term life insurance quotes.

Did you know? Here are a few examples of Low Cost Life Insurance Rates that we can help you to secure.

A 35 year old, healthy female can obtain a $1,000,000 30 Year Level Term Life Insurance policy for as little as $59.12 per month! *

A 55 year old Preferred Plus rated male can obtain a $500,000 10 Year Level Term Life Insurance policy for as little as $70.07 per month! *

A 45 year old Preferred rated male can obtain a $750,000 20 Year Level Term Life Insurance policy for as little as $90.18 per month! *

Product offerings include:

1 Year Level Term Life Insurance

5 Year Level Term Life Insurance

10 Year Level Term Life Insurance

15 Year Level Term Life Insurance

20 Year Level Term Life Insurance

Variable universal life insurance

25 Year Level Term Life Insurance

30 Year Level Term Life Insurance

American General Select-a-Term® Level Term Life Insurance

and many more plan designs

Face amounts from $10,000, up to $50 million. We even can help with “Impaired Risk” cases where there is a health history that would typically present a problem when it comes to obtaining low cost life insurance rates.

Enter your information to receive instant term life insurance quotes. Click the “Send application” button after running a quote to let us know that you would like to apply. We will work with the selected carrier to secure the absolute best offer possible for term life insurance. While working with that company, we will “pre-screen” other carriers to see if it makes sense to apply elsewhere. We do not charge for this service, it is just part of what we do as we look to earn your business. We have been helping individuals and families to secure low cost term life insurance for years and we hope to do the same for you.

The process for applying for term life insurance is simple:

1. Enter date of birth, state of residence, health rating (use our “Health Analyzer” to see real life ratings based on the individual life insurance company’s guidelines)

2. Select a face amount and a product type

3. Run term life insurance quotes

Term life insurance policy

4. Request an application

5. Complete an application and submit to us

6. Complete underwriting nurse visit (commonly requirements are blood and urine sample, paramed exam, height, weight, BP – Entire underwriting process is paid for by the insurance company.)

7. Insurance company will order your medical records and after reviewing them (we will let you know if they have questions), we get an approval

8. Issue final policy design and put in place by signing the policy forms and submitting payment (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)

When running a quote, please note that you only need to fill out the “Send me an Application” form one time. By doing that, we know that you are interested in applying for coverage (or at least interested in receiving more information). You do not need to go back into each policy that you think we should consider for you as we will automatically “shop” the market for you. If it turns out that the top carrier on the list is not going to allow the top rating (Preferred Plus, Preferred Best, etc.), we will speak with the other low cost carriers to see if we can find an improved offer

Differences Between Insurance Companies and Life Insurance Products

The following is a brief list of some of the other factors that you will need to consider when comparing products and companies in the life insurance quotes tool:

Company Financial Strength – Not all life insurance companies are the same. Some are very large financially, some are small. Some companies are in better financial condition than others. The longer the level term period, the more important it is to consider how healthy and strong the life insurance company is. Make sure that you ask your agent for information about the financial ratings for the companies that you are considering.

Premium Guarantees – Are the premiums for the policy fully guaranteed? Not all companies fully guarantee the initial premium for the entire level period. If two products have the same price, but one is guaranteed while the other is not, the guaranteed product would be better.

Renewal Period – Most level term policies have the ability to renew the policy beyond the initial level premium period. Two products may offer identical premiums for the initial level period, and yet there may be an enormous difference in renewal costs beyond the level period. No Lapse U/L products have term-like premiums which offer initial guaranteed level premiums comparable to the level periods of corresponding guaranteed level term policies. For the intial level period, U/L policies with term-like guaranteed premiums provide comparable premium/death benefits as the corresponding level term products. However, the ability to renew those U/L policies, and the premiums that you might pay to renew those policies, can differ significantly from a corresponding level premium term policy.

Level benefit term life

Conversion Period – Many term policies offer the ability to exchange the term policy for a whole life policy without having to again medically qualify. Should your health change, and should you not be able to buy a new policy elsewhere, you may find the conversion option important. Not all policies offer the same time period for conversion to take place, and not all give you access to the same types of whole life.

Comparing Different Level Periods – Should you be buying a 10 year term product, a 20 year term or a 30 year term? How long do you need the insurance? If you buy a 10 year term, how will future cost increases after the 10th year compare to a longer level term plan such as 20 year term? If you only need insurance for 10 years, you could be wasting your money buying a 20 year term product. You should discuss why you are buying the insurance with your agent and let them give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Monthly Payment Options – Many consumers pay their term insurance premiums on a monthly basis. The least expensive product based upon the annual premium may not have the lowest monthly, quarterly or semi-annual premium. Many life insurance companies charge extra to pay more frequently than annually, and some charge more than others.

Health Risk Conditions – Each life insurance company establishes its own health and lifestyle requirements to determine what premiums you may qualify for. Slightly high blood pressure may disqualify you for one company’s preferred health premium, but might be acceptable to obtain another company’s preferred health premium. Your agent will be able to give you more guidance.

Smoking Considerations – Not all life companies define smoking the same way. If you have never smoked or used tobacco products in any way, then a non-smoking comparison will include products that you can qualify for based upon non-smoking. If you were a smoker and later quit, then how long ago that you quit may limit your choices. If you do smoke, some companies may offer products with better premiums depending on how little you smoke, or whether you smoke cigars or pipe rather than cigarettes. You will need to discuss all of this with your agent.

There are other considerations that are important and we would be happy to discuss your situation before applying, if preferred.

About This Comparison

The information used in this life insurance quotes comparison has been taken from the rate cards and rate manuals which life companies routinely publish and distribute to life agents and brokers. To the best of our ability we have done everything we can to ensure that the information contained in this comparison is up-to-date and accurate. However, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ACCURACY.

In the event that there is a discrepancy between the information contained in this comparison, and any life company authorized illustration and/or policy, the policy shall govern .
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