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Protect the lifestyle of your loved ones with term life insurance.

T erm Life Insurance is a type of cover that provides a one-off payment to you or your beneficiaries if: Term life insurance quotes.

You pass away during the 'term' of the policy e.g. until the age of 80

You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are not expected to live for longer than 12 months

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Below is a quick view of how much life insurance can cost you, per month.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance provides cover for your family and anyone else that is financially dependent on you in the event that you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the 'term' of your cover or before what's known as the expiry age.

What happens at the end of my policy term for term cover?

There is no cash payout or 'surrender cash value' in term life insurance. You pay a premium to have cover in place and if the term ends or you cancel your policy, you do not receive payment.

So is whole life insurance no longer available in Australia?

Insurance companies in Australia no longer offer "whole of life" or universal life insurance in Australia. This type of cover was popular in the 1970s and 1980s but has now been replaced by term life insurance mainly due to whole of life insurance premiums being unable to keep pace with inflation and it being considered to be a poor form of long-term investment.

When is a good time to take out cover?

This will really depend on your own situation and what you would need to cover in the event of your death. Some key triggers that lead many Australians to take out cover or review their existing cover include buying a house, getting married and having their first child. These events may not apply to you but it is still worth considering the "living insurance" that provide a payment if you suffer a major illness or injury and do not pass away.

What is the age limit on Term life insurance?

Age limits for term life insurance varies between brands. The table below shows the maximum age of entry and expiry for term life insurance.

The maximum entry age may also change based on the type of premium you choose and how much cover you apply for. Make sure you know these restrictions before applying for cover.

What expenses can term life insurance cover?

Replacing an income for your partner or your family that would be lost if you were to die

Cover mortgage or rent payments

Cover your child's education

Cover other personal debt i.e. car loan

Childcare if your spouse had to return to work

Funeral costs and financial planning

Everyday living expenses

Life insurance definition

Common doubts with term life insurance answered

Despite Australia being a developed country, as many as 95% families with children are underinsured, with around 40% of the population with no life insurance cover in place at all (Lifewise/Natwise, 2010; Comminsure, 2012). Most people are quick to insure their car or home before taking out life or income cover for themselves with 83% of Australians having car insurance in place. (AAMI, 2008).

Why is this the case? People argue that it is because the benefits of term life insurance are less tangible to something like car insurance, with others who choose to push the thought of actually needing life insurance to the back of their mind. When asked why they don't have life cover in place, many people will respond with one of the following:

“I don’t really need it. Do a test and see if you have any needs that could be serviced by cover.

“Nothing will happen to me.” While a sudden death isn't likely, think of what happens in that event.

“Life insurance is too expensive.” There are ways to get cheap cover that allows you to make a small sacrifice for a greater peace of mind.

“It’s just too complicated.” Yes, it is a detailed product. However, it's easy to speak to an adviser to clear things up.

“It’s only for families with kids.” Not true, there are options for couples as well. Singles can take advantage of products like income protection and TPD.

How much is it going to cost me?

The amount you pay for cover will depend on a number of factors including;

Your age - the older you are the more you will pay

Your occupation - higher risk occupation may mean you pay a higher premium

Whether you smoke - smokers are considered higher risk and will pay a higher premium

Gender - rates vary between genders at different ages

Pre-existing medical conditions - will depend on the nature of condition and current treatment

5 steps to get affordable term life insurance

Don't buy the first term life insurance policy offered to you: Shop around a bit have a good look at what's available. Check out any testimonials you find online and when you get down to business make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

Get an idea of how much cover you actually you already have some other cover in place that you can fall back on or assets that could be sold in the event of your death?

Quit smoking for good: This might sound a bit drastic but it works two ways. If you haven't smoked for at least 12 months your premium payments will be much lower than they would have been if you had continued smoking. The insurance industry work on statistics and if they feel they have to charge you a lot more before they'll insure you because you're a smoker, don't you feel that's a good enough reason in itself to give it up.

What is life insurance all about

Keep yourself fit and healthy: Life insurance is all about how long the insurance company thinks you're going to live. If you're seen to be knocking on deaths door you'll have to pay a substantial amount before you'll get any cover at all, you might even be declined cover, The less risk you pose to the insurance company the less you'll have to pay for the cover.

Buy your cover while still young: The longer you put off buying life insurance the more you'll have to pay. Age is as important to an insurance company as is your health and lifestyle and the older you get the more expensive the cover will be.

Joint life cover: Why not include your partner/spouse on your term life insurance policy? Not only will the both of you be covered, but you will also be eligible for discounts on your premiums.

Getting cheap cover? Here are some traps to watch out for

Price will often reflect quality of exactly what you will receive in a claim

Beware of cover rammed with exclusions of when a claim will be paid for death

Policies that are extremely inflexible when it comes to adjusting your level of cover and features

Can you trust the insurer? The last thing you want is a nightmare at claim time because your insurer has gone bankrupt

How do I compare policies?

Ready to start comparing policies? Here are some key things to look out for.

Compare multiple policies, but do not rely solely on price: When assessing different term life policies and comparing the premiums rates for each cover, it is important to be fair in your judgement. The rates on offer should not be the only factor to consider when making your purchase decision. Some term life insurance policy rates may appear to be more affordable, however, they may only come with a basic level of built-in features and benefits.

Check out the extras that are available: Another factor that will affect your term life insurance rates is your choice of additional features. Make sure that you assess and match your needs carefully with the additional options in place. The last thing you want is to be paying a higher premium for features you don't even need.

Choice of premium structure - stepped, level premiums or hybrid: Your term life insurance premium rates will vary depending on the premium structure that you have chosen. Stepped premiums are very affordable at the start of your policy, however, they will increase overtime as you get older. Level premiums stay at a specific rate and will not change regardless of your age.

Ability to bundle cover? Find out if it is possible to bundle your term life cover with other types of insurance i.e. Trauma or TPD. Does this bring a saving?

Frequently asked questions from our users

Can I bundle term life with other types of cover?

Term life insurance can also be combined with other types of "living insurance" TPD Insurance and Trauma Insurance - these provide a lump sum payment if you become disabled or suffer a trauma event such as stroke, cancer or heart attack. This guide will help you determine if you even need term life insurance and what steps you can take to help you get quality cover at the right price. If you are ready to receive a quote for cover, simply enter your details in the form below.

People argue that it is because the benefits of term life insurance are less tangible to something like car insurance

Don't I already have cover in my superannuation?

Most super funds will provide a very basic level of cover life insurance to members. This is usually only a portion of what will actually be required to cover all of your debts/ongoing expenses of your family if you were to pass away. It is possible to either increase or decrease the cover in your superannuation.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of life insurance through superannuation you might want to consider;

Life insurance company ratings

The decision of whether or not to fund your life insurance through superannuation is not always straightforward. You may wish to speak with an insurance consultant to get a better idea of what is best for your situation.

Is term life insurance tax deductible?

Can I get cover without having to do a medical exam?

This will depend on your own situation and if you have had any medical complications in the past. There has been significant changes in recent years to how applicants are assessed and insurers are much more willing to tailor cover to people that have a pre-existing condition.

Most life insurance companies will require you complete a short medical questionnaire when applying for cover. If you meet their entry requirements, you will usually be able to apply for cover without having to undertake a medical exam or provide details of your medical history.

Most direct insurance brands will allow you to apply for cover entirely online or over the phone if you meet these entry requirements.

More questions

Apply and receive a preliminary quote

Term life insurance can be a quick and easy way to protect your family at some of the most vulnerable and expensive times of your lives, so take the time to consider this added protection for your loved ones. Enter your details in the form above if you would like to start comparing policies and get quotes with an insurance consultant. There is absolutely no obligation to sign up for a policy when making an enquiry.

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