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If you’ve ever tried to shop around for the best term life insurance quotes and thought, “I shouldn’t have to give out this much information to get a quote,” you’re absolutely right. In fact, many companies collect far more information than they actually need to provide you with a simple quote. Quotacy collects only the information that is absolutely necessary and then allows you to compare the best term life insurance quotes for your particular needs. Term life insurance quotes.

Now that you’ve found Quotacy and can anonymously run a term quote on yourself, how do you know which insurance company policy to choose? We make the process easy and you have complete control over it without alerting a pushy salesperson that you’re shopping for life insurance.

How to compare your term life insurance quotes:

Get an overall look at pricing options from multiple companies with our quoting tool by entering:

Enter birthdate. Sharing your birthdate gets you accurate term life insurance quotes without sharing your contact info.

Enter zip code. Life insurance products vary by state. We’ll only show you policies sold where you live.

Enter gender. Pricing is less expensive for women than men. Women live longer than men on average.

If you’re shopping for term life insurance quotes for another person like your spouse, enter their birthdate, zip code, and gender.

1. Test drive our quoting tool now—that’s not an image below.

2. Use the sliders to adjust your price to suit your budget.

What you’ll see after clicking “Show my rate” is your ballpark estimate for your term life insurance quotes.

Here you can see that a term life insurance policy that lasts 15 years and covers your family with $350,000 worth of life insurance will range in cost from approximately $15 to $46 per month based on standard rates.

Homeowners insurance

Simply adjust our pricing sliders to increase (or decrease) your coverage amount or length of coverage to target a price that fits your budget.

3. Answer a few simple health questions to get accurate term life insurance quotes today.

Answer four simple health questions to estimate the cost of protecting your family with more accuracy.

This next step is important as it gets your quoted price spot-on two-thirds of the time without you having to talk with a life insurance agent on the phone. Easy, right!

Thousands of variables affect the cost of term life insurance, but the following are the four most common factors:

Height/weight. This variable is one of the biggest factors in life insurance pricing.

Tobacco usage. Cigarette usage results often in smoking rates. But, if you enjoy the occasional cigar, daily Nicorette, pipe, or chewing tobacco, you may be considered for non-smoker term life insurance rates with some companies.

Heart health. Blood pressure and cholesterol medications are common prescriptions, and your readings matter. Luckily, if your condition is under control, some carriers still give you the best rates because you take your medication.

Family history. Are you in perfect health and run marathons for fun? Well, even if you are a specimen of health, your pricing can be adjusted upward if your parents or siblings have died or have been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, or cancer younger than age 60.

Affordable family life insurance

After entering this health information, you can have confidence that the term life insurance quotes shown to you on Quotacy will be close to what your life insurance company will offer you after you complete your application online.

Can I still adjust my pricing further? Yes!

If you wish to move your quoted term life insurance price up or down, play with our quoting tool’s sliders to adjust your policy options to your budget:

Increasing your coverage amount (slide right) ups your price.

Increasing your coverage length (slide right) ups your price.

The opposite is also true:

Decreasing your coverage amount (slide left) lowers your price.

Decreasing your coverage length (slide left) lowers your price.

It’s pretty easy to explore the right mix of coverage amount and length to suit your budget needs.

Low cost term life insurance

After adjusting your sliders in our quoting tool to your satisfaction, you’ll be shown your policy options from multiple life insurance companies with their ratings, along with your estimated pricing.

4. Compare term life insurance quotes without having to shop around.

After you apply for your term life insurance policy on Quotacy, our agents go to work for you. We first review your application to see if you are matched with the best life insurance company for your individual situation. If another life insurance company is more likely to give you a better price, we’ll let you know and share your options with you.

5. We shop for you to get you the best policy for the best price.

We shop your case behind the scenes to ensure you get the best policy possible. Quotacy has many tools, underwriting manuals, and highly-qualified underwriters who look over your application.

Quotacy is sensitive to your price points, and if the insurance company ends up underwriting you to a price higher than originally predicted, don’t worry. You can adjust the amount of insurance you are buying or the length of the coverage to fit within your budget. Our belief is that some life insurance is better than no life insurance.

Getting a life insurance policy to protect your family is an act of love. Our proven process has been created to find you the best priced term life insurance quotes from the right companies for you.
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