How to get life insurance. Average American Income Life Insurance Company Salary


When it comes to location, the highest average paycheck (about $118K annually) can be spotted in Los Angeles, Calif.; Daytona Beach, Fla. ($60K), Pittsburgh, Pa. ($39K), and Atlanta, Ga. (approximately $30K) are the next top-paying cities. U.S. pay levels are highest in the state of Arizona; salaries there average to $54K per year. American income life insurance.

Sales Associates earn the highest median pay at around $60K annually, followed by Life Insurance Agents (approximately $53K), Insurance Agents ($48K), and Insurance Sales Agents ($45K). American Income Life Insurance Company hands out some of the smallest paychecks to Executive Assistants (about $32K on average).

Years of Experience

Those who have five to nine years of work experience see average salaries of $34K per year. When we consider tenure, a substantial portion of employees (51 percent) have been working for one to four years and make around $40K annually on average.

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Certifications and Degrees

Licensed Health Insurance Agents have significantly higher pay than non-accredited workers at approximately $68K per year. Licensed Insurance Agents with credentials can live quite comfortably; median salaries come in at about $55K annually. American Income Life Insurance Company compensates Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)-holders the most at $42K per year.


In this role, the best-paying skill appears to be Customer Relations; individuals who claim it among their capabilities enjoy a higher median salary of $50K annually. Microsoft Office is considered a run-of-the-mill skill; slightly less than a third of American Income Life Insurance Company's people use it regularly. Some other standard skills here are Customer Service, Microsoft Excel, and Insurance.

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Benefits and Perks

Only 29 percent enjoy paid vacation days and paid sick time — a rather disappointing finding. A little over a half of workers contribute to 401(k) savings accounts sponsored by the firm. A majority of respondents can count on health insurance, and more than two-fifths of workers have dental coverage as a benefit. The company also dishes out perks such as flexible hours, a subsidized cell phone, life insurance, and a casual working environment.
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