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Original review: April 22, 2018 Hartford insurance.

I bought insurance from them and it's a nightmare from hell. The fact that AARP Hartford gave the wrong VIN number to Public Service Credit Union is how it started I can't believe the AARP blame me for this mistake. Ok in the very beginning of the story it's a snowstorm and I was in the fast lane and the tire goes down. Every light comes on at 4 o'clock in the morning. I call AARP towing company and they bring a flatbed truck and take care of it getting it on the truck and take us to PEP Boys and we wait for them to open the door and a Mexican who did not speak good English and Spanish class I didn't have. Anyway I know what he was doing. Taking my car into the shop and the car was put up into the air and the people who were there is him, no manager and I asked him to send my bills for the tire.

GAP who did not pay for the tire I was trying to get the bill paid so I asked my Grandmother and she paid in full for my car tire then we heard a loud sound. We run to the window and saw my car on the floor and it was in the air. They lied and said the Manager was there and the car didn't run again and it was taken out by a tow truck by another company R&H Motors. They told my insurance company that the engine was cracked. AARP add my husband that at that time he lived with his sister. I was just picking up a car from Enterprise that they paid for AARP Hartford insurance company so I had to get my car home because they were only going to pay for the oil pan and that is what they did.

My car was on a tow truck from R&H Motors. That was April/ 6/ 2016. My car never ran again. I have a garage. I thought that AARP Hartford would call me and I thought Public Service Credit Union would call me because I called both of them plus GAP who knew that the engine was cracked and the car would not run again. I stopped believing in all of them in November so I didn't pay for the car and I didn't pay for the insurance company. We push it out on the street, called Public Service company to come over November 25, 2016. They had the wrong VIN plus they came in November, they took pictures of the car and replace the car oil pan. I'm still trying to get justice for what they all did to me for the VIN being mixed up, Public Service Credit Union add extra insurance on my car and I called litigation and talk with Shown and his boss and they were mean and they would not take the extra insurance off my car.

When they finally took off the extra they added extra on to my car extra fees so I could not get my car back and they sold it. I called them every day about my car. Each of those company and I have tried to fix my car credit but I can't leave this problem alone. It was my car and I was trying to figure out who would even consider helping me.

I got a lawyer and I guess I have to get a lawyer who deals with this kind of case because they are on a recorded line and that is proof and why did they replace the oil pan if the car didn't fall and I had a rental that they add to my account just because I didn't have a credit card then AARP Hartford insurance company policy went to me owing 600 dollars and I could not have a account for another year. They had the wrong VIN and add a stranger to my account. That was how I met my husband. I can't believe how much big business treated me. They Made Me PUT a star in order to send this review. None of them have a STAR. Recommended keep buying from Capital One and get your financial situation turn around. That is the Best Financing COMPANY in the world CAPITAL ONE!!!

Original review: March 13, 2018

After having AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance for about 10 years, some of our miserable experiences: An apparent Albuquerque gangbanger (one of an army of them here in New Mexico, check the crime stats) one day followed me to my parsonage. While he called the cops falsely accusing me of running into him, I called the cops to report him stalking me. I was not involved in any accident with him nor anyone else, and there was zero evidence to prove such an accident. I was assured by the AARP/Hartford claims adjuster, Jeremy **, that I had nothing to worry about and that my premiums would not increase. I had been totally accident-free for 10+ years before this false accusation and up to and including today.

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Months after this fake accident, I learned that our premiums had skyrocketed, and the reason was that the false accuser filed with his insurance company, which held a secret arbitration and decided 100% in favor of the false accuser. I never was told about this arbitration, never was allowed to present my side, never was informed by AARP/Hartford that I "lost" this secret case nor that they were increasing my premiums. AARP/Hartford provided the lamest defense for me in the annals of arbitration cases; clearly intending for me to lose so they could skyrocket our premiums, which they did.

AARP/Hartford refused to provide me any info. relevant to this so-called arbitration, and our corrupt New Mexico state insurance officials defending them, fraudulently claiming that since the proceedings were a legal "work-product" I had no right to know what they were, nor even what alleged evidence they presented (if they even consider evidence), nor even a copy of their decision. Being linked to AARP - clearly like a monstrous Siamese twin - which we were members, we bought our auto insurance with Hartford because of our trust in AARP. We later came to the belief that AARP, while it used to be pretty good for Seniors, had clearly morphed itself into some hideous corrupt money-grabbing beast.

When the AARP/Hartford talks about "accident forgiveness", it clearly does not apply to its policyholders, but to its corporate chiefs who forget to strap on their adult diapers before stepping onto their luxury yachts we were paying for. We had several vehicles insured by the AARP/Hartford. When I sold one and did not replace it, I called the AARP/Hartford, and was told that because I had sold a truck and now had less vehicles, it was going to have to INCREASE our premiums! AARP/Hartford constantly made costly mistakes in our paperwork that somehow always seemed to result in higher premiums for us. Whenever I complained, its people would "play the stupid" to excuse their mistakes, but not a penny ever returned to us.

We switched our auto insurance to another company and now pay about 1/3rd of the rip-off premiums AARP/Hartford was charging us. I had to repeatedly try to cancel the AARP/Hartford insurance, it kept on billing us after I kept telling it that we had quit it. Thank God, we did not have one of those automatic bank withdrawal or credit card accounts with AARP/Hartford.

The Hartford expert review by Matthew Brodsky

AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance is a program offered by The Hartford especially for AARP members. The program has been around for more than 30 years. The insurer is headquartered in Hartford, CT.

Collectible car insurance: AARP/Hartford offers specialized insurance for collectible car owners, so their valuable collectors' items are covered in case of damage.

Umbrella insurance options: Customers can also receive umbrella coverage through the company, so their liability is covered even if a judgment is higher than their primary auto insurance coverage limits.

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Online calculator: The company offers customers an easy-to-use online calculator that allows them to determine the right amount of coverage before purchasing a policy.

Many discounts: AARP/Hartford offers auto insurance discounts for many things, including vehicle fuel choice, air bags and more.

Lifetime renewability: AARP/Hartford allows customers to renew their auto insurance policies for their entire lifetime, as long as they are able to drive and meet a few basic requirements.

Best for: Drivers over the age of 50 and drivers who belong to AARP.

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