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Hartford Auto Insurance (AARP) Rate Comparisons

Here are four sample insurance quotes from AARP. See how they compare to average rates from other insurance companies: Hartford insurance.

We looked at Hartford's (AARP) sample premium rates and compared them with all other companies in New Jersey to give consumers a look at insurance costs across four separate demographics. Based on the data, it's clear that AARP is very competitive on price with the average industry competitors. However, if you're 50 or above, we suggest giving the Hartford a second look beyond price considerations - there are a number of supplemental and useful features that the AARP has added to the Hartford's standard policy to augment the lives of seniors. We always suggest getting multiple quotes in order to understand who is able to provide the cheapest rate in your area. Enter your zip code to start shopping for great rates among the top insurers in the U.S. and click through to get a quote.

The Hartford / AARP Auto Insurance Policy

The AARP auto insurance program at the Hartford is well-tailored to senior lifestyles, and includes additional accommodations for the group such as RecoverCare and a fixed 12-month car insurance premium. For reasons we'll cover below, we've rated AARP / the Hartford as the best auto insurance company for older drivers.

RecoverCare and Other Benefits for Seniors

One of the most thoughtful features in AARP / Hartford's policies is a benefit called RecoverCare. RecoverCare provides protection above and beyond the standard auto insurance policy that considers the needs of older adults. After a car accident, daily chores or tasks can become even more difficult for seniors. Buying groceries, cooking and cleaning, and mowing the lawn would be harder for anyone recuperating from an accident, and especially so for older adults. RecoverCare helps to lighten that burden by covering necessary home services help for a period after an incident. While availability and benefit levels can vary by state, insureds could get up to $2,500 covered for six months. This is great peace of mind for seniors, caretakers, and their families that lessens the psychological and financial impact of accidents.

Another noteworthy feature is their twelve-month rate guarantee. Most auto insurance policies lock rates in for six months, but the AARP / Hartford program does it for twelve months. This means a stable and predictable expense that seniors can better manage against their fixed pensions and retirement income.

Lack of Communication in Claims Settlement

While the Hartford received an above average rating from JD Power & Associates, customer comments and reviews reveal a somewhat different story. In a survey, policyholders report being unsatisfied with how the Hartford handled their claims. The primary concerns from customers are poor or disorganized communication and a delay or lack of thorough claims investigations. Some customers share that they have to take the initiative in following up on the status of a claim as some appraisers forget to call back in the timeframe they offer.

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Furthermore, policyholders should remain on top of payments and bank accounts. Missing a payment, as with other insurers, is grounds for policy cancellation. Certain clients expressed concern that payments continued to be processed from their bank accounts after cancellation, or that other mishaps occurred with updating banking or credit card information.

Company Awards - 2013

In a r ecent survey from JD Power that takes a look at customer service marks at auto insurers, Hartford finished towards the top in a number of states and regions. Here's a look:

The only company who won more awards in this particular study was State Farm.

Insurer Ratings

As of August 2013, the Hartford's ''AM Best Financial Strength Rating" of bbb+u was under review by AM Best.

AARP / the Hartford Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance from the AARP carries with it a variety of benefits that you should know about as a policyholder. One example is accident forgiveness. The Hartford will waive any increase in premium associated with your first accident as long as you have a clean driving record over the past 5 years. Another benefit offered by the AARP Auto Insurance Program from the Hartford is 'New Car Replacement'. This clause stipulates that if you total your automobile within 15 months or 15,000 miles of your purchase, the Hartford will pick up the tab for the entire cost of replacing your vehicle (same make, model, and year). You'll also be eligible for additional discounts on your monthly insurance bill if you are a safe driver or undergo additional driver training. The AARP even has their own program called the AARP Driver Safety Program that is recommended for all policyholders. Completion of the program makes you eligible for discounted rates over the next 36 months.

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Source: California Department of Insurance 2013 Automobile Premium Survey

How to File a Claim

The Hartford's claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact someone at the Hartford, follow the below prompts:

Customer Service

The Hartford / AARP's customer service line is open from 7am - 11pm ET on the weekdays, and 8am - 6pm on the weekends.

Speak to a Person: Press 0 for customer service

About Hartford / AARP Auto Insurance

The AARP, or what used to be known as the American Association of Retired Persons, offers a multitude of insurance products through its insurance partner, the Hartford Group. AARP's roots date back to 1958 when it was created by a former PhD professor from California as a non-profit, membership organization for people who are 50 and over. Today, there are over 38 million AARP members throughout the country.

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Information and data as of Aug 2013

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