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Does your business have any vehicles used to transport products or machinery, clients, or yourself? These would all be reasons to have your vehicle covered under a business auto policy. Automobiles in a business auto policy can range anywhere from a small passenger car to a large flatbed trailer truck. Business auto insurance.

This type of policy is by no means a one size fits all. Different companies can offer better prices and options depending on what vehicles are on the policy. By representing a number of carriers, we are able to provide you with the most competitive pricing and quality coverage for your vehicles.

When do I need commercial vehicle insurance?

Commercial Auto policies are designed for companies that have autos being driven for business purposes.

These uses can include: Transporting hazardous material, delivery of goods or products, truck & freight transportation, carrying equipment, towing other vehicles, transporting people as a taxi service.

How to customize your business auto policy

Comprehensive and Collision – If you have older vehicles that you would like to keep as liability only, this is definitely possible. If you have a new truck, or a vehicle that is being financed, you can add comp and collision coverage to this specific vehicle.

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“On the hook” – If you own a tow truck and the towed vehicle is damaged during the tow, this additional coverage can help protect you from a claim against your company.

Glass – Some commercial autos are eligible for glass coverage to replace broken windshields

Depending on what type of company you own, and what vehicles you would like insured, there are many options for customizing your commercial auto package. Speak with one of our experienced representatives to hear about what options are be best suited for you.

Things to consider

If you have a large fleet of vehicles with many drivers, consider adding a commercial umbrella policy to protect yourself from a potential large liability claim.

Income protection

One of the cost factors of a commercial auto policy is the driving record of all employees listed on the policy. Be sure to run a driving record report on prospective employees, or require a defensive driving course for your employees.

How to get a free *customized* business auto policy quote today – no pressure and no obligation

You can get quotes online, but we can guarantee they won’t be as customized to you and your unique situation as what you’ll get with us.

What about options? As an independent agency, we always run your request through a number of our trusted insurance carriers and explore all of the options each of them offer. We will work hard to make sure you have the appropriate coverages for your lifestyle, and credited with all the discounts you deserve.

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