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We know the sweat, hard work and passion you put into bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to life every day. Our commercial car insurance is built for this, with special coverage that takes care of you, your employees and your bottom line when your business is on the move. From protecting fleet vehicles, to giving you confidence for accident-prone operations like loading and unloading, we offer countless ways to protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Business auto insurance.

What is Commercial Car Coverage?

Commercial car coverage provides insurance protection for your business vehicles similar to the way your personal auto insurance protects your personal vehicle. From liability and property damage protection, to covering theft and damage, this coverage financially protects the vehicles that drive your dreams forward.

What Vehicles Need Commercial Car Insurance?

Cars, trucks, vans or trailers used to conduct your business should all be covered with commercial car insurance. Vehicles can range from light trucks or SUVs, to large dump trucks and tractor trailers. Simply put, if your vehicle is used for your business (other than commuting), you’ll need a commercial car insurance policy to insure it’s properly protected on the road.

If you aren’t sure whether your vehicle needs a personal or commercial auto insurance policy, your American Family Insurance agent is happy to help find the right coverage for you.

What Does Commercial Vehicle Coverage Include?

Commercial vehicle insurance provides similar coverage to that of your personal auto insurance. There are several types of coverages that may be included in your commercial car policy, as well as other optional coverages you can purchase. Your agent will work with you to customize a policy that fits your specific needs.

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Some common coverages include:

Property damage liability. Helps pay for damages to someone else’s auto or other property if you caused the accident.

Collision coverage. Helps pay for damage to your commercial vehicle caused by a collision regardless of who is at fault.

Comprehensive coverage. Covers your vehicle from direct or accidental damages in non-collision situations, like vandalism, theft, fire, wind, hail or hitting animals.

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Medical coverage. Pays for medical expenses for you, your employees or passengers sustained from an auto accident.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Helps pay for bodily injury damages resulting from an accident caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Loading and unloading. Provides liability protection if damage is sustained when loading or unloading property from a covered vehicle, excluding the cargo being moved.

Towing and labor. Pays for towing and labor if your commercial vehicle breaks down, even if there isn’t an accident.

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American Family Insurance is always there to support your business dreams. Learn what makes our other types of business insurance unique. Regardless of your industry, American Family has a protection plan for your business. Learn more about commercial coverage and keep your dreams in drive.
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