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Compare Life Insurance Quotes

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Compare Life Insurance Quotes

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Compare Life Insurance Policies

6 Great Reasons to Choose for Life Insurance

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No matter whether you need a single, joint or dual life policy, 50’s life over or whole of life insurance, we ensure that can find the policy that best suits the unique requirements of you and your family.

We are a regulated broker not just a comparison site, we offer impartial and secure quotes with up-to-date, accurate and reliable information.

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Term Life Insurance Quotes – Straightforward Life Insurance for you your Family

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most straightforward and most popular form of life insurance. The price is fixed for your chosen policy term (max to age 91 next birthday) and the cover pays out a tax-free lump sum to your family on death. You can also choose to have two people on the same policy and include Serious Illness cover in addition to the life cover if you so wish – Get Quote!

Below we explain everything you need to know about “term life insurance” including the added and optional policy features and benefits.

With term life insurance policies, the term can run from 10 years to a maximum of 50 years, but not go beyond age 90. If you decide to include serious illness cover, the maximum cover term is to age 75.

To keep the cost down and to provide the right cover amount when it’s needed most, the general recommendation is to take out your term life insurance cover up to your normal retirement age, but to also include a continuation option to allow the choice to extend cover later.

As a general rule of thumb, you should consider a multiple of 10 times your annual income and then deduct any life cover (death in service benefit) already provided by your employer (if any). You should also factor in any debts outside your mortgage not already protected. Please keep in mind that up to retirement age, your life insurance should be set up to replace loss of income. Once you get to retirement age life insurance is typically more about having adequate funeral insurance.

Single cover – covers one person under the policy.

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Joint cover – allows you to have 2 people on the one policy, but it only has 1 cover pay-out, on the first claim.

Dual cover – allows for 2 people on the same policy, but provides pay-outs on both people, under separate claims.

The price is based on your age, smoker status and health. So, you will need to answer some medical questions when making an application. Once your policy commences, the price is fixed.

Term Life Insurance Quotes – Extra Policy Benefits

Extra’s Benefits

Standard Benefit Extra’s – These benefits come as standard with most Term Life Insurance policies and at no extra cost:

Accidental Death Benefit – a lump sum paid in the event of death caused by an accident. when the insurer is processing your application form.

Terminal Illness Benefit – If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness your full life cover sum will be paid out.

Children’s Cover – a lump sum benefit is paid out if a child of the insured were to die or suffer a specified serious illness under the terms of the policy.

Optional Benefit Extra’s – These are optional added benefits and come at an extra cost!

Serious Illness Benefit – a lump sum benefit paid in the event of a covered serious illness. Examples of serious illnesses that may be covered include Heart Attack, Malignant Cancer, Stroke and Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.

Waiver of Premium Benefit – If you are unable to work due to illness or disability, the insurer will pay your premiums after a period of 13 weeks has passed.

Personal Accident Benefit – A weekly benefit paid in the event of an accident.

Surgical Cash Benefit – Pays a cash lump sum in the event of having to undergo surgery, however you must have included optional Serious Illness cover for this benefit to apply.

Hospital Cash Benefit – A daily benefit payment, paying due to an extended stay in hospital.

Death insurance

Term Life Insurance Quotes – Optional Policy Features

Optional Features

Including a continuation option when originally taking out your policy, allows you the option to later extend your cover term right into old age. How it works, is that when your initial policy term is coming to an end, you can then choose to extend your cover term with the advantage of not having to answer any fresh medical questions at the time. You can opt to extend just part of your original cover amount, or extend the full cover amount, up as far as age 90 dependent on the insurer.

Including inflation protection means that both the benefits and premiums will increase at a set percentage on your policies annual anniversary. This allows for the real value of your benefits to be protected into the future. The annual benefit always increases at 3% PA, while the premium will increase at circa 4% PA, dependent on the insurer.

Other Life Insurance Policy Quotes

Other Type – Life Insurance Policy Quotes

Apart from the most popular form of family life cover “Term Life Insurance”, there are also other specialist life insurance policies where One Quote offer quotes and advice, as follows:

Term Life Cover, with partial whole of life Quotes

With this type of policy you stop paying the premium after your chosen cover term, but a proportionate lump sum of up to €50,000 will still be paid out, no matter when the life insurance claim occurs. Although with standard term life insurance, you can maintain full cover up to age 90, this can be a preferred option for some people, as for an extra cost you are guaranteed a pay-out – Get Quote!

Whole of life assurance is expensive in comparison with term life insurance and is best suited for the purposes of paying inheritance tax, should this be of relevance to the beneficiaries of your estate after their tax-free thresholds are applied.

Estate Planning requires adequate life insurance. If you die leaving assets behind, your spouse will not be subject to inheritance taxes, but your children may well be. Inheritance tax is charged at 33% on all inherited assets above their tax-free threshold and a special type of life insurance policy, known as a Guaranteed Whole of Life – Section 72 Policy, is designed to provide for payment of this tax – Get Quote!

Over 50’s life cover provides you with up to €25,000 of life cover and the cost of your regular payments, depends on your age and the amount of cover you choose. This choice of policy is best suited to individuals with medical conditions, who do not wish to provide medical information to the insurer – Get Quote!

Mortgage Protection is a form of life insurance used to protect you lender should a death claim occur during the mortgage loan term. Your lenders minimum requirement will be for life insurance, but you can also choose to include serious illness cover. It typically makes most sense to have this policy separate to your family protection policy – Get Quote!

Serious Illness Insurance covers you for a range of specified serious illnesses, with claims payable as a tax-free lump directly to you should a valid claim occur – Get Quote!

Income protection insurance provides a replacement income if you cannot work due to illness or injury after a certain period of time. Obtain your Quote Online Today – Get Quote!

Business Purpose – Life Insurance Policy Quotes

Business Protection Quotes

Keyman Insurance is a form of business insurance which protects your business should you lose a key employee, as a result of serious illness or premature death. In deciding on the cover amount, you can protect loss of profits attributable to the key person, as well as any loans to the business guaranteed by the key person – Get Quote!

Another form of business protection suited to small limited companies is known as shareholder protection, or Co-directors Insurance. By putting adequate shareholder protection insurance in place, you can make sure the business gets the funds to buy back the shares from a seriously ill shareholder, or in the unfortunate event of their premature death, from the deceased’s estate – Get Quote!

Whole life insurance premiums

Personal Life Insurance Needs

Reasons for needing life insurance

There are many reasons for needing life insurance depending on your financial commitments, as well as your stage in life.

Here you can find useful life insurance articles, covering different life stages, including:

Life Insurance Policy Examples

Life Insurance Policy Examples

James & Claire are in their mid-thirties and require life cover up to age 65, during the period when they are both bringing in an income to their household. They opt for term life insurance cover on a dual life basis, meaning if either were to pass away during the policy term, a tax-free lump sum would be paid out, with life cover remaining in place on the other person.

They also choose to include a Continuation Option to allow them the option to extend their cover as they approach retirement. If they decide to do so, the new policy would be based on their ages at the time, but they will only need a portion of the original cover amount and they are protected against any health decline, as the same health rates originally granted will apply.

Example 2: Term Life Insurance with partial whole of life cover

Ken & Deirdre are in their early forties, they want a single life insurance that will last no matter how long they live but realize that once they retire their need for high levels of life insurance diminish. Although this is a good bit more expensive than regular term life insurance, they feel happier knowing their long-term cost is fixed from the get go and they are guaranteed an eventual pay-out.

Example 3: Guaranteed whole of life cover

Denis & Mary are in their fifties, they have substantial assets including a few investment properties and are concerned about the tax man taxing a large chunk in inheritance taxes from their kids, once they both pass away. Their best option is “whole of life assurance” as they can afford the higher premiums, knowing that the proceed of the policy can be used to pay the taxman.

Gordan & Jane are in their sixties and need life insurance to cover funeral expenses. Jane is in very good health, but Gordon has developed some serious serious chronic health opts for standard level term life insurance to age 90, as it’s the cheapest fixed price option. Gordon on the other hand opts for Over 50’s whole of life assurance, as if he had to do a medical for a cheaper term life insurance policy, he is likely to be refused cover. Over 50’s whole of life cover guarantees cover with no requirement for a medical.
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