Cheap motor insurance. AIG term life insurance review 2018, Rates, fees and coverage

A diverse product lineup, flexible policy options and competitive pricing makes this a popular insurer.

After opening its US doors in 1926 as American International Underwriters Corporation, this provider sells a wide assortment of life insurance policies to protect your loved ones. Term life insurance policy rates.

Its more than 90 million customers like its flexible plans and policy options at competitive prices. Here’s what to know about policies, claims and potential drawbacks with AIG.

What is AIG known for?

AIG is highly rated for its financial stability and customer satisfaction, but its had its share of bad press. The company faced controversy after receiving an $85 billion bailout from the US government during the 2008 financial collapse. It’s since rebounded to become one of the world’s largest insurance providers.

In fact, the government received equity in return for its intervention, which it sold for a $22 billion profit in 2012. Despite a turbulent few years surrounding the financial collapse, AIG is back on track with a range of financial services and support that customers rave about.

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What life insurance coverage does AIG offer?

AIG offers a range of term, whole, universal and indexed universal life insurance plans, all with flexible policy options.

Its site is clearly structured to outline the benefits of each product, offering details and a free quote online.

Term life insurance

Select-a-Term offers adjustable financial protection over terms of 10, 15, 20, 30 or 35 years. You can convert these policies to a permanent plan up until the end of your level premium period or until you reach age 70 — whichever occurs first.

Whole life insurance

AIG’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life insurance policy offers permanent coverage to those ages 50 to 85 without the possibility of denial. Level premiums and flexible coverage comes with a guaranteed death benefit. The cash value that accumulates is tax-deferred, and you can borrow against this value for fast access to funds, should you need it.

Universal life insurance

AIG’s seven universal policies are designed to protect your loved ones with a greater potential for cash value accumulation. While generally more expensive than whole life, these policies offer flexible benefits and premiums, allowing you to adjust your policy to suit your specific financial situation. For more stable growth, some policies offer cash value growth tied to the performance of global indices.

Where do AIG’s standard life insurance plans fall short?

Despite comprehensive policies and flexible plans, you might find that coverage simply isn’t enough.

To bridge the gaps, choose from a variety or riders that include:

Accelerated access. Provides an early tax-free payout if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness. Policyholders may be eligible for a monthly payout consisting of a predetermined portion of the death benefit.

Lifestyle income. Allows you to withdraw up to 10% of your policy’s value tax free each year after age 85.

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Accidental death benefit. Pays double the death benefit if your death is a result of an accident.

Children’s protection. Provides temporary coverage for your children up to age 25 and up to a $25,000 maximum.

Waiver of premium. Waives premium payments if you become fully disabled.

Terminal illness. Allows you to withdraw up to 50% of your policy’s value if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.

How much does AIG life insurance cost?

Below are the monthly premiums for a $500,000 20-year term life insurance policy from AIG for an individual in great health. Rates are provided by Quotacy and are valid as of March 2018 in all states except New York and Montana.

How can I get the best life rates with AIG?

Finding the best life insurance rate can be difficult if you aren’t aware of your provider’s underwriting guidelines.

AIG’s best rates fall into a “Preferred Plus” class that considers your lifestyle and health status, including:

Tobacco use. Preferred Plus members must have abstained from tobacco use over the past five years.

Your driving record. Your record must be free of DUIs, suspensions and reckless driving infractions over the past seven years.

Cholesterol/HDL ratio. If your HDL ratio is 5.0 or below, your overall cholesterol level must be under 215. For an HDL ratio of 4.5 or below, that number increases to 290

Your blood pressure. Your blood pressure should be 140/85 up until age 60, when the number increases to 150/85.

Family history. Your parents must not have coronary artery disease or cancer prior to the age of 60. The restriction is lifted after you’ve reached age 65.

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Personal history. If you’re not yet 60, your overall health must be free of cancer diagnoses and any ratable impairment.

How do I file a life insurance claim with AIG?

Filing a claim with AIG takes time, but its site offers helpful instructions to guide you through what to expect.

1. Visit AIG’s website and click Claims.

2. Scroll and click Life Insurance.

3. Click Learn About Filing a Life Insurance Claim.

4. Click Learn More in the AIG Life Claims Kit.

5. Prepare your documentation that includes:

The deceased’s full name and details.

A death certificate and obituary, if available.

Your original policy contract, if available.

Completed HIPAA authorization, if necessary.

6. Confirm that you’ve followed all instructions and checklists before submitting your claim

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What other services does AIG offer?

AIG is a multinational financial corporation that offers multiple products beyond life insurance:

General insurance. Corporate, travel, quality-of-life and accidental death insurance

Retirement products. Group, individual and institutional retirement.

Investment vehicles. Mutual funds, annuities and structured settlements.

Bottom line

AIG is a strong choice for life insurance if you’re looking for term or universal coverage. Prices are competitive on comprehensive policies from a provider that’s highly regarded in the eye of the public.

That said, its underwriting guidelines can be more strict than competitors’, so it may not be the best choice for those with pre-existing conditions.

With so much riding on your decision, compare your life insurance options to find a policy that meets your and your family’s specific needs.

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