Time life insurance. Pet Insurance for cats, dogs, birds and more

Cheap pet insurance from E&L provides comprehensive pet health insurance for dogs, cats and birds. Pet life insurance.

We understand that pets are often considered as family members and as such, we know that you will be looking for comprehensive pet insurance which protects against vet's fees and other eventualities.

The cost of caring for your pets has risen considerably in the past few years, with dogs and cats being the most popular pets within the home. *Intune Pet Insurance estimate we now spend up to £10,000 on a cat and £12,000 on a dog in a lifetime. With pet care insurance cover from E&L

you can rest assured that we will be on hand financially should the need arise. As well as offering comprehensive vet's fees cover for your dog, cat or bird we also provide public liability protection, giving you extra financial stability.

With a choice of plans we believe we have the best pet insurance cover for you. Compare pet insurance benefits easily and quickly online.

Should you have any product specific queries we may be able to answer them online through our pet insurance FAQs section. You might also want to take a look at our pet tips and advice, which contains lots of useful information on a wide range of pet-related topics.

You can get a quote or buy online now. E&L

provide the most comprehensive, cheapest pet insurance for pets and pet related businesses, with a range of competitively priced plans to suit many pet insurance needs.

Providers of specialist UK pet insurance policies, for over 20 years

Life plan insurance

Choice of pet insurance cover suit most needs and financial requirements

Cheaper pet insurance with up to 45% introductory online premium discount

10% multi pet insurance discount for insuring more than one pet

Essential vets fees cover up to £6,000

The ability to compare pet insurance plans, get a quote and buy online

Get a quote and buy cheaper pet insurance today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for cheap pet insurance in the UK?

For anyone who enjoys the companionship that an animal provides, pet insurance is a very wise investment.

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Here at E&L we understand that your furry (or feathery) friends are part of the family and that's why we offer pet insurance in the UK for dogs, cats and birds. Our comprehensive plans can provide financial help with vet's fees, as well as public liability protection.

With pet insurance, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that whatever your animal requires, you'll have financial protection to help you pay for treatments, even if it is an emergency visit to the pet hospital.

So why not get a free online quote today? With cover from E&L, you could benefit from up to a 45% introductory discount.

What's included with cheap pet insurance from E&L?

Responsible pet owners know that their animals require not just food, treats and toys, but also regular veterinary care.

In addition, as our faithful friends age, the cost of their medical care can increase. All together, it's estimated that the cost of owning a dog or a cat can be more than £10,000 over the course of one pet's life.

At E&L, we offer a range of plans, enabling you to find the right policy for the needs of you and your pet.

There are plenty of options and the choice you make should take into consideration details such as the type of animal that you own, as well as your lifestyle.

E&L's dog insurance, cat insurance and bird insurance are all slightly different, simply because each type of animal has unique healthcare requirements. With a specific plan available for each type of pet, you can rest assured that you're getting the best coverage for your animal, without having to pay for anything you don't need.

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Additionally, if your animal is over a certain age, it's possible they will start to need more specialised treatments and that's why we offer senior dog and cat insurance.

If you travel a lot with your companion animal, pet travel insurance could be a useful investment. This can help you with vet's fees if something happens abroad - and if you're thinking about taking your pet out of the country, be sure to check out the government's Pet Travel Scheme, which can help you avoid the hassle and expense of quarantining your pet when you return to the UK.

We can also provide insurance for businesses that offer care or specialist services for pets - such as grooming facilities, kennels and catteries.

Get cheap pet insurance in the UK from E&L

For over 70 years, E&L has been providing insurance for niche areas. During that time, we've helped many happy customers get cheap pet insurance in the UK, as well as financial protection for other things in their lives, with coverage options including caravan insurance, camera insurance and wedding insurance.

We are committed to providing a high level of service, as well as low costs and excellent cover, whatever your requirements.

To find out how we can help you find financial security, contact us today. And be sure to check out the latest pet insurance news - we'll be sure to let you know about the most recent findings in pet health and any new offers that become available.

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