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Easy Guides to Use Life Insurance Calculator Life insurance calculators.

To efficiently plan your financial goals, you should use calculators to gain the necessary insight. A life insurance premium calculator is a versatile tool to fulfill your financial obligations. You should buy one or more life insurance policies to cover the risk and safeguard the financial well-being of your dependents. There are specific policies to fulfill your retirement, children’s education and children’s wedding expenses. The calculator will help you figure out the premium, the sum assured and other benefits in the best possible way.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance plan is a financial product. A sum of money will be paid by the insurance company as per the agreement made with the policyholder. The sum will be paid to the beneficiary in case of death of the policyholder during the policy term. There are insurance policies that pay a ‘sum assured’ even if the policyholder is alive after the end of the term.

The term policy is the simplest policy. You can use a life insurance calculator to understand the premium for the term policy. The premium payable for a term policy is the lowest amount. It will cover the risk during the policy term and there will not be any financial benefit after the end of the term.

If you opt for an endowment or money back policy, the amount will be paid after the end of the term as well. The sum assured plus various bonuses will be paid by the insurance company.

The premium contributed to the insurance plan is exempted from income tax. The return obtained from the insurance plan is also exempted from income tax. Hence, insurance products serve as an income generating product as well.

You should choose the premium using the insurance calculator so that there won’t be a financial burden in contributing the premium. The sum assured can be set as per your financial goals and money-paying capability.

Life insurance plan should be subscribed to by all people regardless of age and occupation. By buying a life insurance plan, you can fulfill your obligations towards your family in the best possible way.

If the breadwinner of a family dies, the insurance company will pay lump sum to the beneficiary. In most cases, the beneficiary will be a children or spouse. If there are dependent parents, they can be included as beneficiaries while subscribing the insurance plan.

How to buy the life insurance plan?

To buy a life insurance plan, you can approach a life insurance agent. The insurance agent will inform you of the various kinds of plans as per your needs. In most of the cases, the insurance agent will try to sell plans from the insurance company that he is working for. Hence, you might not get an insurance policy that best fulfills your needs.

Alternatively, you can go through the services of an insurance aggregator. The aggregator will offer various kinds of policies as per your age, life goals, occupation and premium-paying capacity.

The insurance policy can be bought online after calculating the insurance premium with a calculator. The calculator is handy to perform various mathematical operations. You can find the premium for a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual plan.

The following points will help you buy the life insurance plan so that you can make the most of your money:

1 year term life insurance

Insurance terminology – Before shopping for life insurance products, you should be aware of the insurance terminology. You should assess your insurance requirements and subscribe to a matching policy.

Term life insurance – You can consider term life insurance plans as it is the cheapest insurance plan available in the market.

The term of the policy - The term can be reduced so that the cost of the policy will be low. If you increase the term, the policy will be expensive.

Joint life policy – Couples can purchase a joint life policy so that it will be cost-effective. With a single policy, you can manage higher cover.

Buy at a young age – The insurance premium is based on age. Hence, you should buy a policy while you are young. The premium will be decided at the subscription date and the amount will continue to remain the same throughout the policy term.

Healthy lifestyle – Your lifestyle will have an impact on the policy premium. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the insurance premium will be low. If you are suffering from various health complications, the risk borne by the insurance company will be high. Hence, you will be compelled to pay a higher insurance premium. The weight, age and lifestyle will have an impact on your insurance premium. There will be a discount for non-smokers.

Disclose information – The policyholder should disclose complete information. If the policyholder fails to disclose the information, it will result in rejection of the claim.

Online premium calculator

The life insurance calculator will help you understand the premium that should be paid to get the required coverage. An insurance calculator is a financial tool which comes with various features. You can find the summary, graph, schedule, premium and other parameters in buying the life insurance policy.

The basic information including comprehensive details like age, gender, monthly earnings, retirement age and total assets should be entered. You will get the sum assured by filling the online form.

By using the insurance calculator, you can get an online quote instantly. The online form contains fields such as monthly expenses, education expenses, other expenses, total assets, monthly income, current age, and retirement age. After entering the information in the above fields, click on ‘calculate’ button to get the amortization report.

The amortization chart will help you systematically plan the payment of your premiums. It will show the monthly installment, number of payments, total interest and total payment.

Benefits of insurance calculator

You will be able to figure out the advantages of various life insurance policies with the help of an online insurance calculator. Purchasing a life insurance plan with the help of the insurance calculator will eliminate any confusions that you may have.

Ing life insurance

The different types of calculators are mentioned below:

Children’s marriage expense calculator

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

Mortality risk calculator

Retirement Planning Calculator

Children’s Education Expense Calculator

Human Life Value Calculator

All of these calculators function in the same way; they calculate your financial needs with the help of the data you provide. However, these various calculators can be instrumental in finding the appropriate sum assured and premium rate for you.

Once you have a basic idea of what your expenses will be, it is easier to choose a plan accordingly and thereby avoid being over-insured or under-insured. These calculations, thus, ensure that your insurance policy serves its purpose, without being exorbitantly expensive.

The life insurance premium can be paid online or offline as per your convenience. You can pay the premium directly at the LIC branch or designated ATMs of Banks and other payment facilitators.

The premium can be paid in the form of cash, cheque, demand draft and digital money transfer.

The following online payment options can be explored to pay the premium:

Reliastar life insurance company

ECS (Electronic Clearing System)

Automatic debit instruction to the bank

Visa Bill Payment option

Automatic deduction from the salary account by the employer is a convenient option for employees. Employees who opt for the automatic deduction and the money will be sent to the life insurance company on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual basis or annual basis as per the option exercised by employees. The automatic debit option will help employees to save money in a disciplined manner. It is possible to contribute to the insurance policies during their earning period and there will be a great accumulation of funds which can be utilized to meet various life goals.

The life insurance premium rate is based on various factors. The premium is the amount that you will pay for the coverage of risk.

The following factors will have an impact on the premium rate.

Mortality rate - The premium rate is based on the mortality rate. The mortality rate is the likely death risk of a group of people at a certain age.

Investment – The life insurance claims are paid for by the premiums collected from policyholders. The insurance company will also invest the premiums to earn profits. The income generated by the premium will be used to pay the claims.

Expenses – The operating cost of the company will come under the head of expenses. The administrative cost and other expenses are adjusted from the profits made by the insurance company.

The insurance calculator will help you find out the premium and you can settle for the best insurance plan without any difficulty.
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