Term life insurance for seniors. AARP Young Start Life Insurance from New York Life - NYLAARP

Features and Benefits

Up to $20,000 in life insurance coverage Start life insurance.

Permanent insurance a child or grandchild can keep for life

A child can never be singled out for a rate increase

Acceptance based on answers to three simple health questions*

Who is Eligible

AARP members ages 50 to 80 are eligible to purchase AARP Young Start coverage for their children or grandchildren up to 17 years old. If you aren’t yet an AARP member, click here to join now. To learn more about the benefits of AARP membership, click here.

National life insurance

Lifetime Protection

This is permanent life insurance children can keep for their entire lives, regardless of their future health, jobs or hobbies. It’s a great way to start the children you love on the road to future financial security. Best of all, the price is affordable, so you can help protect the children you love.

Low Childhood Rates

The low childhood rates are shown in the chart below. Even when the children are adults, they will pay premiums based on low childhood rates. A child can never be singled out for a rate increase, even if coverage is kept for his or her entire lifetime.

30-Day Guarantee

You’ll receive a Certificate of Insurance when coverage is approved. If you decide this coverage isn’t for you, for any reason, you can return it within 30 days and receive a refund of any premium you paid.

An Exclusion

If death results from suicide in the first two years, benefits will not be paid.

Sbi life insurance

Simple Application

It doesn’t take a lot of time or paperwork to apply for AARP Young Start. AARP members can apply by mail, quickly and easily. There’s absolutely no cost or obligation when you request information.

Get a Free Information Kit and

Enrollment Form by Mail Get a Free Information Kit and

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