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First, assemble several million dollars or the equivalent in whatever currency you are in. Start life insurance.

Second, devise a product that people will buy from you that they can’t already get from someone else or

find a market that’s not being currently served by existing companies

Third, hire salesmen, get a license from your insurance regulator.

Obviously, the first two steps are the most difficult.

No one ever said that starting a new business was easier. However, if you have the suitable resources & effective business strategy to start your business, things can become simpler. When it comes to starting a life insurance company you need to consider many factors such as government compliance, market competition, customer demand, etc.

To establish a life insurance business successfully, you must dedicate your time acquiring proper credentials, and your money on advertisement plans that expose the community to your availability.

Below are the initial steps one should consider while starting Life Insurance Company:

• Write a business plan that includes detailed information about employee responsibility, target market, services or product details, competitor’s details, risk analysis etc.

• Choose a legal structure

• Think about your agency name and register your agency's name

• Apply for a tax ID number

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• Register your business with the state government

• Get the appropriate business licenses or permits

• Purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance

• Select an agency management system

• Search alternative ways like virtual assistance to manage your insurance back-office tasks

• Choose an office space that will be large enough for you and your staff to work comfortably

• Choose marketing methods that will yield the highest positive results with the money you are able to spend.

These are the steps you should take into consideration to successfully establish Life Insurance Company. I wish you luck for the same.

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Should I insure brand new car?

hey guys I wanna ask u what’s the difference between warranty and insurance? should i insure car if it’s brand new? it would cost me a lot if I insure and warranty car:( so could u tell me great way to get rid of it? waiting ur answers:)

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Do I need my own car insurance?

I just got my permit (i am 18) and I heard that as long as the person I am driving with has insurance that I will be covered if anything happens. I don’t plan on wrecking a car but I want to be safe and I want to make sure that it is required by law that I have insurance. If i do need insurance I have no idea how to go about getting it because I have gotten quotes before and they will only give you a quote if you select that you currently have your license plus there is no option for only having a permit. I have my permit in the state of georgia if that means anything

I’m trying to get just PL&PD, and the insurance websites are really hard for me to understand at the moment… I’m 19, just got my license, no experience on the road good or bad, good grades, and my car is a ’96 Ford Taurus… about how much will my insurance be?? just a guess is what I want, and also if you have what company you got your estimate from, that would be really nice. Thanks:)”

Why is auto insurance through Geico so cheap?

Why is auto insurance through Geico so cheap?

Which to buy?? An Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 lusso or an MG zr 1.4?? They cost the same and insurance is similar. ta.?

Which to buy?? An Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 lusso or an MG zr 1.4?? They cost the same and insurance is similar. ta.?

How do I get insurance for my child?

I have a son who is 1 and i have no clue how to get him dental insurance.?! He has the state insurance. But I have been trying to get my job to aplrove me for an insurance plan, but i keep getting denied and wont be elegibe til October. What do I do?”

Car insurance help please!!?

Basically i passed my test in may and it is my 19th in 2 weeks, my mum just bought a car for my birthday which is in perfect running order and good condition as it was owned my an old bloke. It is a ford fiesta lx 1.2 s plate (98), Ive been searching around and have come to the conclusion that haggling on the phone will get the cheapest quotes. Just wanted to ask if anyone has the same car and how they got on insuring it, and if anyone has any suggestions for the cheapest way of insuring the car and the cheapest providers for all types of cover. All suggestions are welcome apart from the ones about tracking devices as i have seen people being billed incorrectly and in some cases that i have seen, increased the insurance to well over other quotes! Cheers for the help!!:) Mike”

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Speeding ticket and points on insurance?

I went to court today for a speeding ticket. They dropped the mphs and rather than 19mph over they put it to 9mph. They asked me to pay the court fee and that was it. They didn’t mention points on my insurance or anything about my insurance. But did I receive points?

Auto Insurance average for me?

I’ve had my temps for about 8mos now, and I’m going Togo to driving school for my license. I’m 17 years old. How much do you think average coverage should be?”

“Ok i dont have car insurance but i want to rent a car for a month, is there a car insurance for this situation

so i would just like to pay for the car insurance for a month. I was wondering though do I need car insurance when i rent a car.
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