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Original review: July 13, 2018 Car insurance ratings.

I signed up with Amica for a 1 year Auto & Home policy in July 2017. I knew at that time I was selecting an insurance company rated for some of the best service in NA. My original sales representative was very helpful and informative and helped me setup my Iowa policies. He also let me know at the 1 year renewal mark I would have the options of maintaining my coverage for a slight discount or increasing my coverage for a slight increase in premium which I was pleased to hear. Both policies combined were around $2,100~ over the year at $176 plus change monthly which was the most I’d ever paid for insurance, but I was happy to pay it because I came to Amica with the intention of staying put and one day passing this great coverage on to my future children.

Original review: June 18, 2018

I live with other family members and a select few tend to forget to give me my mail daily or they’ll get mail from the box and toss the pile in a different area of the house each day and not remember where they put it. So I enrolled for my bills to be emailed monthly to me. I rarely check my email so typically knowing my bill was due the first week of the month and it was always the same amount $100. I used to just log onto which my dashboard/profile would show me the amount due and the date it was due by and then I was able to pay it then and there in one shot. In March after I paid my typical bill I added on a second car that I only drive once in a while during the summer time. I was told that it was going to cost an extra $89 a month so my bill total would be $175. She said I would begin seeing this new total come the next bill cycle.

03/31/2018 was the last time Amica had posted a bill to my account. On 04/17/18 I logged onto my Amica profile and my dashboard said I owed $100 immediately and showed no other balance or amount due. So I paid $100 on 04/17/18 and where the dashboard said there was no amount due I figured I was fine until the next upcoming month. Well Amica mailed out a cancellation notice 17 days later after I paid the $100 saying if I didn’t pay $99.67 by 05/29/18 then the policy would be cancelled. Well I never ended up seeing this actual letter until 06/10/18 when a family member had cleaned the kitchen and had found it in a pile of junk mail, she told me she assumed it wasn’t important since she knew I signed up for my bills to be emailed and that I knew to pay each month.

Between the day I made the $100 payment and to the cancellation date 04/17/18 to 05/29/18 not one Amica agent had attempted to contact me by making a phone call to me to let me know I actually had $99.76 past due and it had to be paid before 05/29/18 in order to avoid cancellation. My step dad was hit by a drunk driver the week of Memorial Day weekend which same week Amica was to cancel my policy that I had absolutely no knowledge of. So I traveled miles daily after 05/29/18 until 06/10/18 which when I finally discovered this whole issue which left me stranded miles from home and sleeping outside on a sidewalk in front of the hospital my dad was dying in up in ICU. He had to be placed into induced coma which ended up causing me to be side tracked which I admit is my doing, but I figured everything was ok with my policy and didn’t think an insurance company would cancel me for being a few days late.

This point I figured my bill was due 06/2/18 and forgot about it until 06/10/18. While my dad was in a very high risk surgery I recalled I had put off 2/3 bills and decided to pay them while waiting. I logged onto my Amica profile and my dashboard showed I had to make a payment of $99.76 which threw me off a bit because I assumed by now my second vehicle was going to be billed this time. I paid the $100 and planned to call Amica the next day since I had plans to go home since I didn’t have a babysitter. My dashboard said I had then had $0.00 past due and that next amount due was to be $185.00 due 08/2/18 so again so misleading and assumed everything was fine. Well it wasn’t because I finally was given the letter sent to me on 05/4/18 saying my policy was cancelled 05/29/18 due to $99.76 not being paid. Confused I looked into my past bills which last bill Amica posted was 3/15/18 and it was actually for the amount of roughly $250!

Since that was the case I’d love to know why my dashboard had shown me that only a payment of $150 was due 4/17/18 and not actually the full bill amount! And instead of a normal company that would’ve actually called their client to inform them Amica just sends out a cancellation notice 17 days prior to receiving $150 and saying I’ll be cancelled over a petty $100. When all they needed to do was either give me a phone call or just put the past due $100 into the next bill they could’ve posted and stating it must be paid in full by a certain date. None of this would’ve happened if Amica had actually told me on my dashboard the exact amount the bill was due versus like half the bill.

Then on 6/7/18 when I made the payment of the $100 that my dashboard said was due my dashboard had then said I had zero past due and $185 not due until 8/2/18 which if Amica hasn’t posted a bill to my account on that policy since 3/15/18 and that they cancelled it 5/29/18 how the heck can they say I owe them $185 on 8/2/18 on a policy that isn’t even active any longer! When I paid the $100 on 6/7/18 that was the amount that was due before 5/29/18 to avoid cancellation so technically I was to be caught up on that past policy. When I contacted Amica multiple times they all avoid actually answering my questions and admit their poor communication skills they have with customers. And the fact that this whole cancellation absolutely could’ve been avoided all together.

They just change the subject to the fact that they’ll gladly quote me on starting a new policy which will cost me more monthly due to being cancelled for non payment by last insurer (no crap. It is your company!) and then demand I must pay 20% down upfront to begin the policy! I refuse! If Amica had communicated correctly or put correct amounts due on customers dashboards this wouldn’t have happened! And dealing with my dad in coma and hanging to life by a thread I now deal with this and having no car. So if I am called by the hospital telling me I must get there ASAP I can’t and could possibly miss my chance of saying goodbye to him if it comes down to this. Amica needs to admit to their fault. I can admit to mine that I didn’t get this cancellation notice until after 5/29/18 and it wasn’t due to them mailing it, it was due to family I live with not giving me my mail in a proper manner.

But Amica had no good reason on not placing the full bill amount on my dashboard and accepting me making only half the bill amount payment on 4/17/18 or showing I had no amount at all past due after making this payment. Never once attempting to call me to inform me of their poor billing system which goes good along with their poor communication skills. Then demand I begin a new policy that will cost me more and demand I pay a huge chunk upfront. Then totally avoid answering me on why they never communicated with me by a phone call or the fact their billing/dashboard was incorrect and change the subject to just demanding me they can only offer me a new policy and pay 20% upfront. And plus the fact too I will need to pay the RMV title fees due to having my insurance cancelled!

I truly feel Amica sees that I have carried insurance and drove in the last 12 years straight and those 12 years I have a perfect driving history with not one ticket, citation or pulled over etc and had only made five claims in 12 years to my insurance provider which 4 claims was glass and 1 being an auto accident that I wasn’t at fault for so the amount my insurance provider had paid out to me was given back to them from the person who was at faults insurance company. So Amica sees me as a person who can be taken advantage of. I’m a customer who will pay almost $1500 for the year to insure a car and most likely will not have to file a claim and be paid out any money making it more money given to their company and placed into their pockets that they get to walk away with.

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So why not set up miscommunication with billing etc resulting in cancellation (legally they must send a cancellation notice and they probably hoped I was not to see it like I didn’t resulting in this outcome) so they could cancel my current policy and then totally ignore explaining any reasons why mistakes happened on their end, but just shove a “We can give you a new policy which will cost an extra $700 for the year due to you was cancelled for nonpayment and you must pay 20% down today to activate this new policy” all knowing they will most likely be able to walk away with everything I pay at the end of the year.

Why make only $1500 off me a year when it can be set up to where I’m forced to be told I have to pay $2600 a year making it much more they can pocket in the end. I feel I deserve from Amica an apology for their behalf having legit no communication, billing issues where their posted bill amounts do not match the amounts on Amica profile dashboard and not making one phone call to inform their customer that they are about to be cancelled over $100 and then continue to bill amounts and say bills are due on a policy that isn’t active. I deserve to also begin a new policy, but paying the same previous policy premium amount for the two cars I was to be paying and not be required to pay 20% down upfront since I will have no choice in paying out RMV title fees over their miscommunication skills.

Amica is a little over priced to begin with and they are almost $200-$300 more for me yearly than other companies I’ve looked into or have had, Arbella being one of them, but all my family members have very high things to say about Amica and I would love to feel the same, but at this moment it is just impossible. Arbella never would’ve done this to me in the ten years I had been insured with them. They always made sure the full bill amount matched the amount posted to be due online and if this had happen with them then they would’ve contacted me to inform me that there actually was still $100 past due and to pay immediately or give the option they roll over into the next months bill and require I pay the full bill amount.

I did receive a call from an Amica agent few days ago on Friday, but I was in the ICU with my dad and phones are required to be off and typically aren’t even allowed into the room even while off with you due to it can malfunction important machines they have being used on the patient. And it was after 6 pm I had gotten the voicemail along with it was the weekend.

Today I had again to be at the hospital/ICU due to we had to speak of potential arrangements if it comes down to that so I did forget to make the call back, but I plan to speak to the Amica agent tomorrow and I truly hope that Amica had her contact me to fix this and hopefully fix it the right way and not just demand I begin a new policy that will cost almost $500 more and I must pay 20% down upfront. Because honestly I have been not working along paying for child care, now the last week I have had to take public transportation which costs me well over $40 a day there and back. And will possibly have a 50/50 chance I will have to help my family pitch in paying these medical bills and if he gets better he’ll need physical therapy, more bills or passing away which paying for funeral costs is not cheap at all.

Original review: June 15, 2018 I have been an Amica auto, homeowner and umbrella customer in Georgia for 2 years. I just received notice for my renewals and was shocked by a 25%(>$400) increase in my homeowner premium. I've never filed any claims with any insurer since owning my house. No auto claims and no liability claims ever, either. I switched from Auto Owners to Amica because of high ratings by customers who've had claims processed. And THAT is what I believe my 25% increase is due to.

My inflation adjustment for my dwelling liability increased by 6%. But because Amica customers seem to get their claims paid in full, customers who never file claims have to subsidize those payouts.

Original review: June 12, 2018

So, after a couple years with Amica Insurance I receive a letter stating they won’t renew my policy because of claims they paid involving; Towing, an accident where my wife and daughter were rear ended and other claim. I decided to go with them for Roadside Assistance. Amica made their Roadside program out to be better than AAA etc. I paid a fee for 5 cars yearly. My daughter had (8) tow claims which they paid but never sending me a letter or notice that there's a limit to claims. My wife and daughter were rear ended last August by an at FAULT driver, Amica chose to add that accident against my policy despite having the At FAULT INSUREDS insurance to go after. My wife got pretty hurt in that accident requiring her to have shoulder surgery from the seat belt of all things.

I lived up to my end of the contract by paying my premiums on time, touting Amica to others to switch over to them. Today (6/11) I get a letter stating they’re dropping me. Why the hell do I pay for Coverage from Amica when it appears the first order of business is to gladly take my premium money only to send me their version of a Dear John letter? I left another because I had faith in Amica. But in the end I’m one person who made the day of some actuarial, computing risk versus revenue and maybe saving Amica a few hundred dollars despite receiving close to $5K a year from me. I tried to look up my daughter's tow claims but found a few, two were for $48.90 each.

Just a month ago they sent me the forms for renewal to keep my "discounts" for my daughter's grades from college, Good Driving discounts etc. Oh by the way my 20 yr old daughter hasn't had an incident since having her license, we've had none in years. Eight tow claims for one car out of Five! Even if the genius actuarial averaged it out based on claims for the other cars that would be 1.6 claims per car. I had $305 in reductions! Not Charges for Merit ratings of all drivers on policy! In my mind someone messed up pretty good, thinking they're saving Amica a few dollars. They also have my house - NO CLAIMS! Thank God. I'm disgusted, very upset and have Zero Faith in Amica. I'll be contacting Mass. AG office and Insurance board especially about the deceptive practice of the Roadside assistance plan.

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Updated on 06/12/2018: I was just called by the girl that said she was the one that made the decision not to renew my policy. I asked her; why are you even calling me? She replied she wanted to explain why she made the decision she did. I don't even remember her name, but she said she based it off of the "frequency" of claims made per household, in other words every time my daughter in college called for a jump start, tow etc. (things we were finally able to have figured out and repaired) it counted as a claim on the policy itself! This was something that was never explained to me, I replied; "I'm supposed to tell my daughter in college you have the confidence of Amica being there for you for roadside assistance but don't make too many calls because they'll use it against the household."

She said to me the average person makes a claim once every TEN years! I said, "I guess my family and I of seven are not the average, and, I guess having five cars in a household should up those odds significantly shouldn't it?" I said, "Despite what you're telling me that it isn't about just numbers and statistics and that you were the one responsible for nonrenewal of my policy I guess it is about numbers." I told her she has a lot to learn, she sounds young and in this world it's more than just numbers. Mailing out marketing material stating you're there for people and "it's all about helpfulness" is a crock. I asked her numerous times unless she's calling me to renew my policy I have nothing else to say, her reply was as arrogant as they come; "Well, we did review your policy and decided to hold with the nonrenewal". I said to her, "Thanks, have a nice day!"

Original review: May 16, 2018

My parents have been long time customers of Amica auto and home and everything insurance. They recommended Amica Auto Insurance to me as being reliable. My dad is also an avid consumer reports user- Amica is highly rated there. My experience with Amica has been the complete opposite of pleasant. I got into an accident a year ago where a lady hit the left side of my car by driving past a stop sign while I was driving on the main road. Amica paid out for car repairs and I also got my $1000 deductible back from the opposing driver's insurance company. I was deemed not at fault and thought everything was peachy keen- you know because subrogation is now on the insurance company. WRONG. I move to a different state and start shopping around for insurance companies. FYI, Amica does NOT allow employers to hop on as additional insured/interest. So I had no choice but to leave.

Amica Auto Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Amica Auto Insurance was founded in 1907 and is the oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the United States. They scored an A++ rating from A.M. Best Company.

Wide coverage range: Amica offers a complete range of coverage options, from vehicle, passenger, liability and comprehensive packages.

Nationwide: Amica has 44 offices across the country, making them easy to contact and get support from.

Discounts: They offer a number of great discounts, including those for people with multiple cars, as well as loyalty discounts for customers who stay with them over time.

No new car loss depreciation deduction: They offer no deduction for depreciation when a new vehicle is declared a total loss within the first year of owning it.

Roadside assistance: Amica also offers towing and labor coverage on the roadside to help drivers deal with unexpected breakdowns. They will also reimburse you for calling a towing company.

Best for: Drivers with new cars and drivers with cars in poor condition.

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