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and is ranked #68 in the most recent Fortune 500. Nationwide insurance.

Nationwide is currently ranked #53 in Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For".

Nationwide Financial Services (NFS), a component of the group, was partially floated on the New York Stock Exchange prior to being repurchased by Nationwide Mutual in 2009. It had owned the majority of NFS common stock since it had gone public in 1997.

History [ edit ]

Beginnings as Farm Bureau Mutual [ edit ]

In the 1920s, farmers were paying the same rates on their automobile insurance as city drivers even though they had fewer accidents and claims than city drivers. The Ohio Farm Bureau decided to set up their own insurance company to offer rates that accurately reflected the driving habits of farmers.

On April 10, 1926 the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company obtained license to do business in Ohio and two days later it acquired its financing, a $10,000 loan drawn from the membership dues of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

At that time, Ohio law required 100 people to pledge to become policyholders. The first agents managed to recruit ten times that number, and on April 14, 1926, Farm Bureau Mutual started business with over 1,000 policyholders.

The first product of the new company, as its name implied, was automobile insurance. The company wrote policies only to Ohio farmers who were members of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Expansion [ edit ]

In 1928, Farm Bureau Mutual expanded to West Virginia, followed by Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, and North Carolina. Farm Bureau Mutual began underwriting residents of small towns in 1931 and residents in larger cities in 1934. Also, in 1934, Farm Bureau Mutual began offering fire insurance. This product grew the following year with the purchase of a struggling fire insurance company.

In 1935, Farm Bureau Mutual acquired the Life Insurance Company of America from the bankrupt fraternal insurer, American Insurance Union. The company was later renamed to Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company in 1938.

With growth came a need for expansion of office space. In 1936, the company moved to the famous 246 Building at 246 N. High Street in Columbus.

By 1943, Farm Bureau Mutual operated in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Even with the tripling of space in the 246 Building (which was finally dedicated on the 25th anniversary of the company), Farm Bureau Mutual still had insufficient office space, and began opening regional offices in 1951.

In 1955, Farm Bureau Mutual changed its name to Nationwide Insurance, a name by which it is commonly known today. In the 10 years that followed, Nationwide expanded into Oregon, making the company truly "nationwide". It also expanded into 19 other states, bringing the total by 1965 to 32 states and the District of Columbia.

Nationwide outgrew the 246 Building by the 1970s and work began on a new skyscraper headquarters for the company. In 1978, One Nationwide Plaza was completed at the southwest corner of N. High Street and Nationwide Blvd. on the northern edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Since 1988, Nationwide has added the following to its presence in Downtown Columbus: Plaza Two (on the northeast corner of High Street and Chestnut), Plaza Three (just west of High Street and Chestnut), Plaza Four (Front Street), 275 Marconi (behind Plazas One and Three on Marconi Blvd), and 10 West Nationwide, which together with Plaza One form the primary downtown complex. In addition to downtown Columbus, Nationwide also has a significant presence in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan suburbs of Dublin, Grandview Heights and Grove City.

Nationwide Slogan & Jingle [ edit ]

The Nationwide slogan, "Nationwide is on your Side" was first introduced to the public in 1965 and was later set to music in 1969.

Nationwide Jingle Singers & Performers

Sponsorships [ edit ]

Nationwide Tour [ edit ]

In 2003, Nationwide secured the naming rights from what was then the Tour, the second-highest men's professional golf tour in the United States. The tour was known by this name until 2012, when Nationwide relinquished the naming rights.

Nationwide Children's Hospital [ edit ]

On September 24, 2007 Columbus Children's Hospital was rededicated as Nationwide Children's Hospital. This was done in response to a $50 million donation to the hospital by Nationwide.

Helping Columbus become a major league city [ edit ]

By 1997, the city of Columbus had grown to become the 15th largest city in the United States. However, Columbus by this time was the largest American city without a professional sports franchise competing in the top leagues in the United States (i.e., Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, or the National Hockey League ). After plans to move the Hartford Whalers to Columbus failed when voters rejected a tax levy, the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company announced that it would build an arena adjacent to One Nationwide Plaza in an effort to bring an NHL franchise to Columbus. This second effort was successful, and the Columbus Blue Jackets began play at Nationwide Arena in late 2000. Nationwide Arena, named for the company, is the centerpiece of the Arena District, an area of entertainment venues, restaurants, and hotels linking downtown Columbus with The Short North neighborhood.

NASCAR [ edit ]

Nationwide became the title sponsor of the NASCAR Nationwide Series beginning in the 2008 season. On September 18, 2013, the company announced it will no longer sponsor the series after 2014, but will remain an official sponsor of NASCAR.

Memorial Tournament [ edit ]

On September 3, 2010, Nationwide announced a six-year deal to become the presenting sponsor of the PGA Tour Memorial Tournament beginning with the 2010 event.

Jack Hanna [ edit ]

In March 2010 Nationwide announced that it would be co-sponsoring Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Director Emeritus Jack Hanna 's Into the Wild TV show and national speaking tour.

The Companies [ edit ]

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, asset management, and strategic investments.

The Nationwide family includes:

Atlantic Floridian Insurance Company

Colonial County Mutual Insurance Company

Crestbrook Insurance Company

Lone Star General Agency

Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America

Nationwide Assurance Company

Nationwide Corporation

Nationwide Exclusive Agent Risk Purchasing Group

Nationwide General Insurance Company

Nationwide Indemnity Company

Nationwide Insurance Company of Florida

Nationwide International Underwriters

Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance company

Top life insurance companies

Retention Alternatives Ltd.

Veterinary Pet Insurance Company

THI Holdings (Delaware), Inc.

Titan Auto Insurance of New Mexico, Inc.

Titan Indemnity Company

Titan Insurance Company

Titan Insurance Services, Inc.

Victoria Automobile Insurance Company

Victoria Fire & Casualty Company

Victoria National Insurance Company

Victoria Select Insurance Company

Victoria Specialty Insurance Company

Allied General Agency Company

Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Cal-Ag Insurance Services, Inc.

CalFarm Insurance Agency

Depositors Insurance Company

Nationwide Document Solutions, Inc.

Nationwide Insurance Company of America

Nationwide Sales Solutions, Inc.

Farmland Mutual Insurance Company

Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company

DVM Insurance Agency, Inc.

National Casualty Company

Scottsdale Indemnity Company

Scottsdale Insurance Company

Scottsdale Surplus Lines Insurance

American Marine Underwriters

Insurance Intermediaries

Western Heritage Insurance Company

Life Insurance, Retirement and Investment

1717 Advisory Services, Inc.

1717 Brokerage Services, Inc

Nationwide Securities, LLC

Gardiner Point Hospitality, LLC

Nationwide Affordable Housing, LLC

Nationwide Alternative Investments, LLC

Term life insurance online

Nationwide Community Development Corporation, LLC

Nationwide Financial Assignment Company

Nationwide Financial Institution Distributors Agency, Inc.

Nationwide Financial Services Capital Trust

Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.

Nationwide Financial Structured Products, LLC

Nationwide Fund Advisors

Nationwide Fund Distributors LLC

Nationwide Fund Management LLC

Nationwide Investment Advisors, LLC

Nationwide Investment Services Corporation

Nationwide Life Insurance Company

Nationwide Life Insurance Company of Delaware

Nationwide Life Tax Credit Partners 2007-A, LLC

Nationwide Provident Holding Company

Nationwide Retirement Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Arizona

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Ohio

Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc. of Texas

Olentangy Reinsurance Company

RCMD Financial Services, Inc.

Registered Investment Advisors Services, Inc.

TBG Danco Insurance Services Corporation

TBG Financial & Insurance Services Corp.

TBG Insurance Services Corporation

Washington Square Administrative Services, Inc.

Nationwide Asset Management Holdings

Nationwide Emerging Managers, LLC

Nationwide Global Funds

Nationwide Global Ventures, Inc.

Nationwide Mutual Funds

Nationwide SA Capital Trust

Nationwide Separate Accounts, LLC

Nationwide Variable Insurance Trust

Newhouse Capital Partners, LLC

Newhouse Special Situations Fund I, LLC

Individual medical insurance

NWD Asset Management Holdings, Inc.

NWD Investment Management, Inc.

NWD Management & Research Trust

Riverview Alternative Investment Advisors, LLC

Riverview International Group, Inc.

National Casualty Company of America, Ltd.

FutureHealth Corporation

FutureHealth Holding Company

FutureHealth Technologies Corporation

Gates, McDonald & Company of New York, Inc.

GatesMcDonald Health Plus Inc.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company

Nationwide Asset Management, LLC

Nationwide Better Health, Inc.

Nationwide Cash Management Company

Nationwide Global Holdings, Inc.

Nationwide Management Systems, Inc.

Nationwide Mutual Capital I, LLC

Nationwide Mutual Capital, LLC

Nationwide Private Equity Fund, LLC

Nationwide Realty Investors, Ltd.

Nationwide Realty Management, LLC

Nationwide Services for You, LLC

Previously Owned Companies

Diversity [ edit ]

Since 2004, Nationwide has continuously received a 100% rating each year on the Corporate Equality Index, which is released by the gay rights activist group Human Rights Campaign. Nationwide includes "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in its equal employment opportunity policy, and provides diversity training to its employees on sexual orientation.

In 2008 Nationwide entered into an exclusive partnership with Tavis Smiley, including sponsorship of Smiley’s PBS television program as a provider of property and casualty insurance products. The sponsorship of the television program ended in 2011, but the partnership continues for other events and initiatives.

Nationwide hired, Vernon Blatz, one of the country's first blind computer programmers in 1964. He attended the University of Cincinnati Medical Center's trial run of the nation's first training program to educate the blind for careers involving computers.

Technology [ edit ]

Enterprise Collaboration [ edit ]

Nationwide’s internal collaboration platform "SPOT" is an advanced enterprise social media platform that combines Yammer and Sharepoint to provide a unified experience to Nationwide employees.

Mobile claims application [ edit ]

In 2009, Nationwide released Nationwide Mobile, a free iPhone application for Nationwide auto insurance customers and other iPhone users. The app is designed to assist drivers with the steps to take after an accident. It also helps Nationwide customers start the claims process, finds Nationwide-certified local repair shops, and facilitates the exchange of accident and insurance information. Nationwide was the first US insurer to offer such an application for the iPhone.

Controversies [ edit ]

Death Benefit Controversy [ edit ]

In October 2012, Nationwide paid $7.2 million to resolve a proof of its payouts for death benefits in a probe led by a multistate task force headed by Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty.

because of customers failure to file a claims report. The pact reached with the task force will commit Nationwide and other insurers to compare its records against the Social Security Death Index and conduct a search for beneficiaries. The language in life insurance policies make it clear that it is up to the beneficiaries to notify the insurer; however, few companies have fallen back on this argument due to public relations fallout.

Claims of Bad Faith [ edit ]

In June 2014, Nationwide was hit with an $18 million punitive damages award after a plaintiff proved the company "strong-armed its own policyholder rather than negotiating in good faith to compensate plaintiff for the loss suffered in an automobile collision."

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