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Variable universal life insurance is a permanent insurance product offered as an option for those who want whole life protection that builds cash value, but also want the ability to invest those earnings. With variable life, the policy holder chooses the investment funds from those in the insurer's portfolio. Another form of variable life is variable universal life insurance, which has additional features. Variable life insurance quote.

Variable life insurance quotes are available through Spectrum Direct, an independent insurance service provider with years of experience in the industry. The growth potential inherent within variable life insurance makes it an attractive option for those who want their policy to build cash value. However, its investment feature also makes this type of policy one of the most expensive types of permanent life insurance.

A variable life insurance quote with Spectrum Direct can tell you what you can expect to pay for a good policy from one of the nation's best insurers. If you are interested in the flexibility of universal life, we can get you quotes on variable universal life insurance, as well. This type of permanent life insurance combines the tax-deferred, flexible premium benefits of a universal life policy with the investment options of variable life. Spectrum Direct offers quick variable life insurance quotes for both types of policies.

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There are thousands of available variable life insurance policies, offered by the many companies who sell insurance products. Spectrum Direct is an objective source for variable life insurance quotes. Our services allow you to compare rates and choose from among the best. We work with only the most highly-rated insurance companies in the country. We can narrow down your options, and make it easier to find the right policy.

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