Conseco life insurance. Life assurance in Luxembourg

With a clear and detailed legal framework, life assurance is internationally recognized thus providing a safe and efficient asset transfer vehicle. In addition to its general characteristics, Luxembourg life assurance offers a number of advantages. Life assurance.

A legal framework providing the policyholder with the highest levels of protection

A client of an insurance company in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg benefits from a legal protection regime unique in Europe, adding a true advantage in asset security.

The principles established by Luxembourg regulations are as follows:

The choice of a custodian bank is subject to the supervisory control of the insurance commission authority (CAA - Commissariat aux Assurances).

Life insurance conditions

A tripartite agreement must be signed between the Luxembourg insurance company, the custodian bank and the CAA.

The custodian bank is required to keep the client's assets segregated from its own and is legally bound to protect the interests of the policyholder, by reporting to the CAA any irregularity of the insurance company likely to weaken the Super Privilege.

The "Super Privilege" ensures the rights of the policyholder in the event of the company's default, and takes precedence over all other creditors (Luxembourg Treasury, Social Security, company employees).

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International expertise

Luxembourg life assurance is characterised by a long tradition of financial expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of HNWIs and UHNWIs in all countries in which the company operates.

Retaining management under mandate

Internal Dedicated Funds allow true discretionary management of investments by taking into account the client's risk profile and financial objectives.

Personalised financial management

Luxembourg regulations allow the policyholder to have access to a very wide range of innovative and sophisticated financial assets.

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