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Term life insurance is an affordable coverage option that can help you protect your family from the unknown. Perhaps you want to make sure your kids will have the resources to complete college, even if something happens to you and you can no longer provide for them. You may want to make sure your final expenses do not create a financial burden for your family. Compare term life insurance quotes.

Once you have decided to purchase term life insurance, how do you choose plans and find the best term life insurance rates? An agent in the Trusted Choice® network can help by doing a term life insurance comparison for you. Agents in this network are independent, so they work with multiple insurance carriers. One of these agents can help you compare term life insurance policies and quotes to find the right coverage for you.

Trusted Choice vs. Big Brands

The Trusted Choice brand is built on the customer focused integrity of more than 300,000 business owners, agents and employees nationwide. With more local insurance agents than State Farm and GEICO, this network of agencies serves more consumers and pays out more claims

Life Insurance Facts

In 2010, the percentage of U.S. households with life insurance dropped to the lowest point in 50 years

Only 44% of U.S. households have a life insurance policy

40% of U.S. households with children under the age of 18 would struggle financially if the primary income earner died

Best and cheapest term life insurance

How to Compare Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies vary considerably based on a number of factors including your health status, the length of the term you choose and the company you work with. In fact, rates on similar term life insurance policies from distinct companies can be vastly different.

When you compare term life insurance policies, you will find that there are some factors affecting your rate you can control and some you cannot. To accurately compare policies from two different companies, make sure you compare the same term length and provide the same information about your health and lifestyle.

The factors that you cannot change include your age and certain health conditions like heart disease, cancer or diabetes. You can choose to buy a term life policy that does not require a medical exam. However, a term life policy that requires a medical exam will typically cost less than one that does not. You will pay much less for a policy requiring an exam because the insurance company is confident in how much of a risk you are to insure.

Be sure to do a detailed comparison between policies to find the right term insurance for your particular needs. A Trusted Choice member agent who specializes in life insurance can help you compare term life insurance policies and quotes, saving you time and money.

How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance Company

Finding the best term life insurance company is also crucial if you want to find the right policy for you. Not all term life insurance companies are equal. You need do some additional research to find a company that is financially sound and has a reputation for providing good customer service.

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Rating companies such as A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s rate how financially strong a company appears based upon its performance. You can easily check out the viability of any life insurance company by looking at one or more of these rating companies.

Finding an affordable term insurance premium is likely also one of your major priorities. The easiest way to find a term life insurance policy that fits into your budget is to contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network.

How to Find the Best Term Life Insurance Rates

To find the most affordable life insurance rates, be aware that there are a number of things that affect just how much your life insurance premiums are going to cost you.

Underwriters will consider your age, whether you have any health issues and their severity, and then gauge how much it will cost the insurance company to issue you a term life insurance policy. They will also look at some other factors such as your occupation and whether you are engaged in any potentially dangerous hobbies.

Even though you may currently have health concerns, there are a number of things you can do lower your premium and lower your risk in the eyes of your insurer. If you quit smoking, exercise regularly and lose weight, you may have a lower premium coming. If you do improve your health profile, be sure to approach your agent or insurance company to request that your rates be revisited.

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Different underwriters will treat your age and health-related risk factors differently. You can find the best life insurance rates simply by talking to a member agent in the Trusted Choice network who can do this cost and coverage comparison for you.

How to Get the Best Term Life Insurance Quotes

It is important to compare term life insurance quotes to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. There are several ways you compare term life insurance quotes. You can get online quotes, for example, or talk to a life insurance company representative, but you will have only the rate from one company.

One of the simplest ways to find the best term life insurance is to speak with an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network who specializes in life insurance. These agents work with multiple insurance companies and can quickly compare quotes for you.
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