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Life insurance will help you protect your loved ones no matter what the future has in store. Cason, Huff, & Schlueter is always thinking about your future and we’re ready to break down your life insurance options. Though the options may seem endless, we’re sure to match you with the right fit for your needs. Life insurance options.

From lifelong protection to specific coverage for a unique period of time, Cason, Huff & Schlueter Insurance will help you compare premiums of term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance policies. We’ll help you weigh the advantages alongside the disadvantages for each and pair you with the right life insurance coverage.

Term life insurance offers coverage for a term or period of your lifetime. You usually see lower premiums for higher coverage and no equity is built up. In other words, you will not see a cash value for this option.

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Permanent life insurance is not for a specific period, it is permanent. The protection will be with you through your whole life. This option can build equity and have a cash value. You’ll typically see higher premiums that term life, but it can be more valuable in the end oftentimes.

Universal life insurance is a combination of term and life insurance. It will help you build a lifelong base of coverage while supplementing specific times in your life with term insurance.

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Let Cason, Huff, & Schlueter provide life insurance resources and policy information. We can also change your policy and explore additional options as we go to work for you and your loved ones when you need us. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales, service, and claims professionals are here to help. Call Cason, Huff & Schlueter today or click here to get an online quote.
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