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When looking at it this way, insurance is far from a luxury – it’s a necessity. The absolute best form of foresight is taking out some affordable policies from short term insurance companies. Best term insurance.

But, before we get too carried away with the importance of insurance, let us take a closer look at short term insurance.

What is Short Term Insurance?

Any type of insurance, other than life insurance, can be referred to as short-term insurance. This is because life insurance is, as the name suggests, for life. Short term policies, on the other hand, are only taken out for the period of necessity.

For example, you aren’t likely to own and insure just one car for your entire lifetime. A short term policy thus refers to the length of time you own that specific vehicle, however long that might be.

A short term policy is an agreement between the insurer and the policy holder that covers a limited amount of time. It can also be flexible, based on the circumstances of the policy holder.

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The phrase ‘short term’ may not be short in the strictest sense, but it describes the dynamic nature of the insurance of possessions as opposed to one’s life.

Examples of Short Term Insurance

Short term policies basically apply to the possessions you might want to insure for limited periods of time. Some examples of short term insurance are:

Motor Vehicle Insurance: Insurance of your motor vehicle against damage, fire and theft

Household Contents Insurance: Insurance of the contents of your home against damage and theft

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All Risks Insurance: Insurance of the belongings you carry around, such as cell phones, cameras, jewellery, etc.

Short Term Insurance Companies in SA

There are many short term insurance companies in South Africa. But, you’ll want to choose an insurance company that is reliable and affordable, covering all of your insurance needs. After all, you want to buy the absolute best foresight for the price of your premiums.

So, to be sure that you get the best cover available, for everything from homeowner’s insurance to all risks insurance, look no further than iWYZE!

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