20 year level term life insurance. Term Insurance

Tax Benefits: It provides tax benefits under the Income Tax Act’s Section 10 (10D) and Section 80D. The premium that is paid availing for Critical Illness benefit also allows a deduction under the Section 80D. Best term insurance.

Policy Term: The minimum term is usually of 5 years and maximum goes up to 25 years or the entire life. A single premium payment policy will have a term of 5-15 years. Going for a longer term is better as the amount paid as premium gets locked which will be a stable amount payable for the entire tenure to provide a cover of the same amount.

Plan Choice: You can either choose your plan on the basis of single life or joint life. In the single life, the insurer will provide coverage for the life of the wage earner of the family. A joint life will cover for the life of both husband and wife using single term plan.

Entry Age: The minimum age of 18 years and the maximum is 65 years with add-on benefits that are optional. The premium will increase with the age. Hence, choose the best Term Plan Insurance at a relatively young age if you are looking for a long insurance plan.

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Maturity Age: The best plans will provide coverage for the lifetime. Most usually cover for 60-70 years of the policyholder’s life. The maturity age is higher for term plans with a relatively higher premium rate as they offer to cover risks for a longer duration.

Survival Benefits: You will not get any survival benefits in a standard term insurance plan. Term Return of Premium (TROP) plans means that the premium will get refunded when the tenure ends only if the policyholder is alive. This plan is quite a popular one because this is a combination of savings and insurance together in one plan. The premium is higher in this as compared to the standard ones.

Death Benefits: On the death of the policyholder, the beneficiary or nominee will receive the death benefit which will be decided when the policy commences. It either may remain same for a period of time, decrease, or increase as well. The payment option is also multiple. It can be a lump sum amount, lump sum along with monthly, yearly or quarterly payment, or just the annuities spread over a long span of years as decided upon.

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Maturity Benefits: A TROP plan will be suggested to you if you are looking for maturity benefits as most of the standard term insurance plans do not accommodate maturity benefits.

Additional Rider Bonus: Some of the optional benefits like accidental disability/death, critical illness or Accelerated Sum assured are easily available. These benefits can be an add-on to the term plan with some extra premium amount. You can choose these additional benefits from Quickbima by comparing all the plans available in India.

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